Wednesday, 28 September 2016

September Faves

And so, it's the end of another month. I've decided, I'm not going to harp on about the passing of time in my blog posts because we all know THIS DAMN YEAR IS GOING TOO FAST! I'm scared to blink; I might miss Christmas! September was an awesome month for me, for so many reasons. I'll go into a lot more detail when I publish my monthly update post on Friday. But for now, I'll leave you with some of my favourites from the past month!

It was my birthday this month, so that was ace. One of my favourite days this month, was my birthday, spent in Cardiff; shopping, eating, and playing golf with my fiancé. This was a chilli bowl, and Nutella milkshake, (an odd combination - I know!) from Ed's Easy Diner. Yum!

My work colleague, and friend, recently took a trip to America and when she returned, earlier this month, she bought back this diddy little pot of Vaseline. I had to include it in my favourites because, well, it is my favourite lip product right now. It's so tiny, and it smells amazing. Why does America get all the cool products?!

This is one of my favourite purchases from September. I always drink out of sports bottle, or similar, so am always on the lookout for more. When I saw this, in Card Factory no less, I had to grab it. It's so cute!

Of course, one of my favourite moments in September, besides my birthday, was passing my driving test; the week before my birthday! Can't get much better than that, as birthday presents go. I cropped out my face because, reasons.

Another favourite purchase; but I couldn't not share this with you. I'm in love with this Blog Planner from Dot Creates. So handy; and helpful!

And finally, this beautiful bouquet of flowers. I had so many lovely presents, for passing my driving test and for my birthday, but I included this bunch of flowers in my favourites because it came from my boss! So thoughtful, right?!

What are some of your favourites from September? Can you believe how fast this year is going?!

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