Friday, 2 September 2016

How You Can Help The People Of Syria*

*This is a collaborative post* 
Today I'm going to be getting serious with you. I'm passionate about charity and helping others less fortunate than me in anyway I can. I hope at least some of you reading this feel the same way. The news has been awash recently with stories about the Syrian refugees, fleeing to any country to escape their own, and so I wanted to let you know, not only what's going on in Syria, but also how you can help!

How you can help the people of Syria

The crisis in Syria is both alarming and upsetting in equal measure. For years, hundreds of thousands of people have been living in fear, grasping onto the hope they’ll make it from one day to the next. For instance, in besieged areas such as Madaya, there are approximately 40,000 starving people left with no option but to turn to eating soil, leaves and wild animals to stay alive. Other areas of Syria are under siege too, including Aleppo and Ghouta. With the crisis spreading, it’s more crucial than ever that we take action. To learn how you can help the people of Syria, keep reading.

Make a donation

Making a donation is a fast and efficient way to help the people who need it most. There are a number of charities and organisations to which you can make a donation. For example, the charity Human Appeal accept monetary donations, with your cash going towards providing life-saving assistance. It has helped supply over 2,000 families with food packs which include nutritious foods such as sugar, rice, noodles, beans, lentils, chickpeas, tomato paste, sesame paste, oil and baby powder for infants, and it has also provided fuel and firewood for cooking and warmth.

Aside from food and fuel, charities can use your donations to send other useful supplies into Syria, such as medical equipment, clothing and nappies.

Act now

Time is always of the essence when it comes to humanitarian crises like the one facing Syrians currently, so it’s important that you act now. As time goes on, more and more humanitarian aid routes are being blocked by warring parties, and as a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get aid into the country. This means those in dire need of help and life-saving aid are continuing to suffer. By taking action now, we stand a much greater chance of being able to help the people of Syria before it’s too late.

While the ongoing crisis in Syria is appalling and devastating, your generous donations can really help make a difference, no matter how small or large. Aside from cash contributions, there are alternative ways you can help. To find out more about the Syrian conflict and other ways in which you can do your bit to assist those in need, you can carry out your own research online. Together, we can provide vital emergency aid to those who need it most.

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