Monday, 26 September 2016

Happy Mail* || With Bright Paper Packages

Subscription boxes are ace. Usually, whenever I hear post slither through the letterbox, a cold shiver of dread inches up my spine as I anticipate bills, bills, and more bills. Okay, that's a tad dramatic, I know. But as an adult, the mail is usually a boring, sometimes even depressing, regular occurrence. And when something bright, funky and fun drops through my letterbox, my day is always instantly brightened!

And that's why I'm sharing another subscription box review post with you. Now, I know that the subscription box market is over-saturated. There seems to be more beauty boxes than stars in the sky! And then there's food boxes, book boxes, geek boxes, alcohol boxes. The list goes on. Whatever you want to land on your doorstep every month, you can probably get by now. (Except, maybe Brad Pitt. Although he is available now so...)

Bright Paper Packages* are different to all the other subscription boxes up for grabs, though. Bright Paper Packages send you a monthly parcel of surprise presents to unwrap. So it can feel like your birthday every damn month. And if you don't love birthdays, presents, and surprises then just gtfo.

Every month, there's a different theme to the box. The theme for my box (March's box)? Mexico! Here's what was inside all the beautiful tissue paper!

- Cinnamon and Rose Hot Chocolate (Which I've been saving for rainy, Autumnal days - days like today, yay!)

- Grow Your Own Chillis (Which made their way to my best friend; she's far more green-fingered than me!)

- Sea Salt and Spray Natural Candle (I was gutted when my fiancé knocked this off the living room table and broke it!)

- Organic Avocado Soap (Which actually smells AMAZING. This coming from someone who was a little sceptical, at first, that Avocado soap could smell amazing!)

- Frida Kahlo print

- Ring Holder (Saving the best for last, guys. This little fella has had pride of place on my bedside table now since March. He's recently been relocated to the bathroom, to hold all my rings and other jewellery whilst I shower! How cute, tho?!)

Bright Paper Packages work really hard to source products that they would love to use themselves, in their everyday lives. Products in the boxes are made by individual people and small businesses around the UK, and also include products made exclusively for Bright Paper Packages! Prices start at just £20 for a pay monthly membership, or for £100 you can receive one surprise little present, chosen thoughtfully and presented beautifully, every month for a whole year! Or, if you love someone enough to spend £100 on them, this would make an excellent present for one of your nearest and dearest!

I loved coming home to such a fun, and thoughtful package. Everything was so beautifully wrapped, in such bright, funky colours, that it was almost a shame to unwrap everything! And then the contents...oh, the contents. I love my little ring holder, so much. All of the gifts were obviously so carefully thought out, and complimented each other nicely, whilst tying in with the Mexico theme so well. I can definitely see myself subscribing to this again in the near future, and I'd definitely recommend it. Especially if you're fed up of all the usual subscription boxes. This one definitely offers something a little different!

Do you like subscription boxes? What ones are you currently subscribed to?

*Products sent to me in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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