Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Birthday Haul Post!

So I thought, since it was my birthday just over a week ago, now was as good a time as any to share my birthday haul post with you! Like I always say, I never write these posts to brag; I write them for me, for my memories.

So, let's start with this beautiful bouquet! I was very surprised when a delivery of beautiful flowers arrived at my door, the day after my birthday. These were a gift from my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. It's such a colourful bouquet; it's helping me hold onto that Summer feeling just a little bit longer!

Last Christmas, I was incredibly lucky to be given a Pandora bracelet, and two charms. I've hardly added to it since. I had a charm from my fiancé for Valentine's Day, and a charm I bought myself just because. But that's been it. So imagine how overwhelmed I was when I received not one, not two, but seven Pandora charms on, and around, my birthday. Now, not all of these were birthday gifts. Two were, in fact, a gift for passing my driving test, the week before my birthday. These are all the charms I was given, with links to their individual webpages for better photos!

- Guardian of Travel Pendant Charm (from my mum - for passing my driving test!)
- Heart Gift Box Charm (from my fiancé)
- Floral Safety Chain (from my future in-laws)
- Virgo Star Sign Charm (from a lovely co-worker!)
- Magic Sky Charm (from my future in-laws - for passing my driving test!)
- Star Pave Clip (bought with birthday money)
- Castle & Crown Charm (bought with birthday money - pictured below)

I never expected to receive so many charms! I'm so grateful, though, and my Pandora is filling up nicely now! A few of the other gifts I received (pictured above) were...

- Animorphia adult colouring book (from one of my bridesmaids, and her husband and children)
- Tea Loves Cookie (from another of my bridesmaids, her husband and son)

Tea Loves Cookie probably needs some explaining. It looks like a book, which we all know I love, but inside is hollowed out and contains two packs of shortbread biscuits, and a pack of English Breakfast tea. A lovely gift for a bookworm and tea addict, like me!

- Set of three notebooks (from another lovely co-worker!)

These were a gift from my mum! There's the handmade key ring (or bag charm) on the left, and the handmade bookmark on the right. I've already attached the key ring to my car keys, and I'm looking forward to using the bookmark in the next book I read!

And finally we come to the things I bought for myself, with birthday money I received from other members of my family! Of course, I'd already spent the majority of my birthday money on two Pandora charms, so this was only a small haul.

- 2 pairs of 'ballerina shoes.' One pair in plum, the other in silver (Both from Primark.)
- Fellside by M.R. Carey (this was actually a present from my cat!)
- Keep You Close by Lucie Whitehouse (from Waterstones)
- The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGees (from Waterstones)
- Marie Tsum Tsum (from Clintons)
- Eeyore Tsum Tsum (from The Disney Store)
- Guess How Much I Love You bookmark (from Waterstones)
- Unicorn jewellery holder (from Primark)
- Grab Mount (from Primark)
- Dual USB charging cable (from Primark)

I also picked up this, I think, quite stylish and very handy (it folds up into a neat square - easy to pop in your handbag, or boot of your car!) rain coat from Primark.

And that's about it for this year. I didn't take any photos of my birthday cake, but if you're interested, I had a Connie and Colin from Marks and Spencer.

I had a lovely birthday. I had a birthday meal at Frankie and Bennies, with my bridesmaids and their families, my fiancé, and my future in-laws. Then I had a second birthday meal at Brewer's Fayre, with my mum, and my grandparents. My fiancé took me to Cardiff on my birthday, and we went shopping, ate lunch out, and played crazy golf (he beat me...but only by three points!) Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special; not just my friends and family, but my readers and my blogging friends who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, too! I hope you enjoyed this little haul post. I'm sure I'll be back with my semi-regular haul posts soon!

What's your favourite kind of birthday cake? Do you like chocolate? Or do you prefer something jammy?!

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