Sunday, 28 August 2016

Short Term Loans*

*This is a collaborative post*

Money isn't something I usually talk about on my blog, and I don't know why. Probably because, I'm pretty useless with it! Five years ago, I was a student at university, digging myself deeper and deeper into debt because I could. Student loans, overdrafts and credit cards. It was all there for the taking, and I took it. Five years later, I'm a soon-to-be married woman, with bills to pay and all that debt waiting to be repaid. My advice? Don't get into debt...

Easier said than done though, right? I mean, money doesn't grow on trees. If only! And it's so easy to lose control of your finances and feel stuck. And that's where short term loans come in. I know, I know. There's been a lot of bad press about short term loans, and their extortionate interest rates, recently. But Vivus is different. Vivus want to help you out with a short term loan, without the extortionate interest rates! 

No one wants to find themselves in dire straits, financially. But it can happen to the best of us. An unexpected expense, like your fridge breaking or a car breakdown, can spell disaster for those of us who just don't have the money in savings to pay for it. So a short term loan can really save your butt. Which is why I decided to write this post; so that any of you who may be struggling financially right now, can maybe find a way out.

So, Vivus. Vivus are a short term loans company who want to remove the negative stigma from short term loans. They are a 'clean slate' company who is making a 'virtue out of doing this properly.' Vivus do not want their customers to get into debt; they only want to help them out of short term difficulty. Refreshing, right? 

Vivus offer a one payment loan; a loan that is repaid in one go when you next get paid. And this is what keeps the interest charges as low as possible. It's so simple; apply, get approved, get the cash, pay back in one repayment when you get paid. If the customer misses the agreed payment date, they have 5 days to make the repayment before any late charges or additional interest is applied. 

Vivus aims to place complete control in the borrower's hands by only lending to savvy borrowers, and only providing what they need. And they are currently running an offer for first time borrowers; first time borrowers can try out Vivus with a half price first loan. Now, I'm absolutely not encouraging any of you to take out a loan unless absolutely necessary, and neither are Vivus. But compared to other short term or payday lenders out there, Vivus offer a great deal. And I really hope none of you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use them, but if you do, I'd highly recommend them. 

Are you financially savvy or, like me, a bit hopeless with money?!

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