Friday, 12 August 2016

Haul Post!

Not so long ago I ran a poll over on Twitter, asking if you guys wanted me to bring back my haul posts. I'm not too sure why I stopped posting them in the first place, to be honest. But I did, and now I'm back, because you almost unanimously said 'YES!' You asked for it, you got it. Here's what I've been buying lately.

Aww. How cute does my cat look? He's just so pleased that I bought him something in my latest haul!

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan (I really want to read this before I watch the movie!)
When Everything Feels Like the Movies by Raziel Reid
The Other Widow by Susan Crawford
The List by Siobhan Vivian
Mint Balmi (smells amazing!)
Dreamies 'Snacky Mouse' (Harley loves this!)
Travel brush & comb
Mirror keyring (or keyring mirror, I'm not really sure?!)
Mug (which says; "all you need is love...and your cat." There's a better photo below.)
Faith handbag and Red Herring purse

I love this mug. Wilkos, guys. £2!!

I've been treating my kitten a lot lately, haven't I?

Beatrix Potter mug 
Sparklebright Lens Cleaner
The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes (I'm excited to read this, as I love Jojo Moyes!)
Peg basket
Cables (as in, sweets. Not actual cables. 'Cos, that'd be weird...)
Doughnut peaches (did you know they were a thing?! I didn't!)
Cat treats
Simon's Cat feeding mat (I love Simon's Cat!)
Handmag soaps (how adorable is the crazy cat soap?! The yellow one smells like tangerines - yum!)

I picked up all these bits at the Welland Steam Rally. We go there every year, and I always come away with some really cute things!

I made the mistake of wearing new shoes when I went out shopping with a friend. By the afternoon, I was sure my shoes must be full of blood. My feet were hurting so much! So I popped into Primark and found these flats for £5. Bargain, right? And they're so comfortable! I know where I'll be shopping for shoes from now on.

Me to You pyjamas (I picked these up in the sale at Marks and Spencer. They're so cosy and cute!)
Hayfever tablets
Boots Micellar Water (I grabbed this when it was free on O2 Priority!)
Orange and white chocolate buttons (from Bill's!)
Sure deodorant
Inside Out tote bag
Clinique face-care
Sure mini deodorant (I keep this in a drawer at work for those sweaty days!) 
The Cat Expert by Rebecca Watson (I picked this up because it had some great advice on keeping indoor cats happy - our little Harley is an indoor cat and I want to make sure he's happy that way!)
Tea for One (this was a gift from my mum because she knew I wanted one!)
Striped dress
Tatty Teddy wedding countdown plaque

Striped dress (the same as the one above because I spilled stuff down the first one the first day of wearing it and couldn't get the stain out. But it was only a fiver from Primark so I just bought another one!)
Clik phone case x2 (these were reduced from £9.99 to £1.99 each!)
Gel cushion inserts (for the shoes that made my feet feel like they were bleeding!)
Wedding magazine 
Purrmaids 2016-2017 diary (I've no idea when I'm going to have time to use all these diaries I keep buying but it was too cute to resist. Just don't tell my's a running joke, how many diaries I have!)
Black dress 

I'm sure this picture looked better on my phone than it does on my computer...

Heels (these are the ones mentioned above, the ones that made my feet feel like they were bleeding. They are the most expensive pair I own, and the most pretty. But they took some breaking in!)
Flats x2 (these are so useful when I 'm driving, as I never drive in heels!)
Tote bag
Zoella make-up bag

Heroes/Roses mix 
Cadbury misshapes 
Mini Eggs x 2 
Double sheet, pink
Black leopard print slippers
'I Donut Care' king-size duvet cover set

Yep, somebody (hint, hint - me) visited the Cadbury's outlet store. Two weeks later we're still munching our way through this lot of chocolate!

I'll be posting another haul post in about a month's time. What do you think of my latest hauls? Anything you have your eye on? What have you been buying recently? 

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