Monday, 29 August 2016

August Faves

I know I say this in almost every single blog post I write recently, but seriously, where is the time going? Another favourites post means the end of another month, but I am so excited for September; it is my birthday month, after all! And I have so much planned; a trip to Oxford Street with my fiancé, Frankie and Bennies with friends and family, a wedding fair! I'm hoping to get our wedding venue booked this month too, as we're shooting for a September 2017 wedding! And I'll be publishing my first wedding post in September, so keep an eye out for that. Today is all about my August favourites, though, and there are quite a few things I've been loving this month. Let's dive right in!

Obviously! I finally got the chance to read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child this month, and I loved it. I  went into it with zero expectations (well, as much as you can do; there was a lot of hype around this book) and did not expect another J.K. Rowling; so I wasn't disappointed. 

This is included as my 'favourite photo of the month.' I only recently found out that my cat has been making friends with our goldfish. Or is he telling me what he wants for  his dinner?! At least the goldfish doesn't look too bothered by his new, furry friend!

This is one of my most 'liked' photos on Instagram. Wutttt?! Cray cray. This is from a few weeks ago, and my first time at Bill's. Their milkshakes are divine; and so Instagrammable, right?!

This mug. I never want to drink my tea out of any other mug now, you guys. This is THE. ONE. I mean, it's just so me!

I started playing The Sims 4 again this month, thanks to my future MIL lending me her laptop, and I decided to buy one of the new expansion packs for the base game; The Sims 4 Get Together. It's not as good as I expected; but I'm enjoying the new town! It feels very...suburbia!

This month, I got to eat my face on a cake, thanks to the lovely people at Caketoppers! It was pretty novel to see my blog logo on a cupcake; and the cupcake was divine! You can read my review of these cupcakes, and find out more about Caketoppers, here.

What have you been loving this month? What are you looking forward to in September? 

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