Friday, 22 July 2016

2016 Goals Check-In!

I meant to do this post in June. And it's now nearly August. Oops? I was reminded to do this post when I came upon my goals page in my bullet journal, and realised how much I'd accomplished so far this year! I'm actually really pleased with what I've achieved in 2016, and there's still time to do more. So today I'm revisiting my 2016 goals, and setting myself some new ones! Let's start with my personal goals...

1. Read 60 books.
This year has been one of the worst for reading, and I'm not really sure why. Sure, I'm doing more hours at work, but I'm still fitting in blogging, cleaning, TV time. I just don't feel motivated to read, and it sucks. I'm nowhere near my target of 60 books. So far this year I've read 23. That's, like, 3 a month. And a lot of those were really small books. Since I'm so far off hitting this goal, I'm revising this one. My new goal? 
Read 50 books.

2. Save £1000. With my wedding in 13 months, this is more important now than it was at the start of this year! I'm nowhere near £1000 right now, but with my revised budget I should have £1000+ in my savings by December (just in time for Christmas spending!) I'm going to keep this goal the same. I'm pretty sure I can reach this by the end of the year.

3. Lose 1 stone. I've lost a few pounds (thanks, in large part, to a stomach bug that put me off food for almost 72 hours!) But definitely not a full stone, yet. Like the previous goal, this is even more important now, and so I'm revising this goal slightly, with my wedding date in mind! My new goal?
Lose 2 stone by September 2017.

And now, my blogging goals. I've actually been a lot more successful with these. Yay!

1. Reach 1000 Twitter followers. Well, I'm not there yet. But I hit 800 a few weeks ago, and I'm feeling pretty confident that I can reach the big 1000 by the end of 2016. So I'm keeping this goal the same!

2. Reach 100 Facebook likes.  This was one of the hardest blogging goals I set myself, as I find Facebook one of the hardest social media platforms to grow. But I hit 100 likes a month, or two, ago now. So that's one to check off the list! And since I've hit this goal with a few months to go, I'm going to set myself a new one!
Reach 150 Facebook likes.

3. Interact on my Facebook Page more.   I was, admittedly, very vague with this. Mainly because, when I set this, I had no idea how I was going to interact more. Now, my Instagram posts share to my page automatically, and I even post the occasional status update (usually when I hit a big milestone!) I'm sure increasing my interaction is what has led to my success with growing my Facebook Page. Another one to check off the list! I'm not going to revise this one; I'm happy with what I'm doing for now!

4. Reach 300 Instagram followers. Smashed it! I'm actually at 500+ now; which I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined happening! With my following growing so quickly, I've got to revise this goal. My new one? 
Reach 800 Instagram followers.

5. Post twice a day on Instagram. I revised this a few months ago, actually, in light of some advice from another blogger! I now post once a day on Instagram, and find that both sufficient and successful! I suppose this is a fail, because I haven't been posting twice a day? But my revised goal is a definite success!
Post once a day on Instagram. 

6. Reach 200 followers on Bloglovin'. I'm inching ever closer to this goal! I'm currently at 119 followers, and I've been seeing a pretty steady rise over the last few months. I'm pretty confident I'll hit 200 followers by the end of 2016, so I'm keeping this goal the same! 

7. Reach 30,000 views on my blog. Wow, I smashed this one! I'm almost at 50,000 views as I write this. Which I can't wrap my head around, at all! So I'm revising this goal. My new one? 
Reach 65,000 views on my blog.

8. Start using Pinterest to promote my blog. I still don't think I'm using it as effectively as I could be, but I'm pinning images from my own posts and I'm getting some traffic from Pinterest, so I must be doing something right?! I don't really think I can improve on this right now, so I'll just count this as a success and leave it at that!

9. Work with at least one brand/company per month. So far, so good! I can't say much more than that though. There's still a few months left of 2016!

10. Attend one blogging event and/or meet Sarah. This has been an epic failure. I haven't made it to a blogging event and I haven't got to meet Sarah yet, and I don't think either of those things will happen this year. Something to work on in 2017 though!

11. Send my first newsletter. I sent my first one in May, I think. But I haven't sent out another one since. Well done, Aimee. So I'm revising this goal. I can do better! 
Send out my newsletter, at least, every other month.

12. Reach 50 newsletter subscribers. I cannot believe that I'm currently at 25 subscribers. When I set myself this goal, I really thought I was being overly optimistic. But I'm half-way there. And I'm hopeful that with a little bit of hard work, I'll make it to 50 by the end of the year. So I'm keeping this goal the same! (Help me out? Subscribe below!)

I'm actually really pleased with how well I'm doing with my 2016 goals. I'm confident that, with a bit of hard work, I'll hit the rest of these by the end of this year! Wish me luck!

What are your goals for 2016? And how are you getting on with them?!

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