Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Best Book Journal Ever!* || With Busy B

Stop the presses guys, because I think I have found the best book journal EVER. Okay. So now I'm sat here like, how do I follow that sentence?! Well, I guess I have to back up my claim, right? Show you just how good the Busy B Book Journal* really is? After all, seeing really is believing! But first, I need to confess something...

I like books. I like books a lot. In fact, you might even say I LOVE books. Who'da thunk it, right? You'd never know from looking at my blog, would you?! Haha. I'm so funny. Nah, regular readers of this blog will know how much I love books AND how much I love stationery. So it should come as no surprise that I love book journals! Although, I only discovered these beauties a few years ago. Where have I been living? Under a rock?! The first two book journals I bought, and promptly filled with book reviews and the like, were from Paperchase. I then went on to buy a Moleskine, because Moleskine, am I right? But all of these pale in comparison to the Busy B Book Journal. Are you getting sick of me just saying that, and not backing up my claims? Okay, calm down. Let me tell you some facts (and show you some pictures - because, apparently, they speak louder than words!)

First of all; STICKERS. The Busy B Book Journal comes with so many stickers. And they're so COLOURFUL! (I'm really feeling the caps love today, aren't I?!) Included with the book journal are 4x page marker sticky notes (in assorted sizes), 'final word' stickers (like, "wow!" and "read again!") and a few "this book belongs to" stickers, perfect if you're the type to loan out your books, (I'm not...!)

Second of all (as if stickers weren't enough, right?!) the Busy B Book Journal is so gorgeous to look at! All pastels and pinks. This colour theme is continued inside, with pastel blue and pink pages. Stunning! Doesn't my pink biro go so well with the colour scheme?! 

Thirdly (ohmygod, Busy B are seriously spoiling you guys with this product!) there are lots of different sections inside the book journal. First up is "Book Club Meetings" - something I've never seen in a book journal before, but love! This section provides you with space to note down the following deets (stop trying to make 'deets' happen, Aimee!); 

- Date
- Time
- Title
- Author
- Meeting Details (Which, I figure, could double as book notes if you had a thought you wanted to jot down before the meeting!)

How great is that? Next up is the 'Books Read" section which is, duh, for noting down deets (still trying to make it happen...) about the book you've just finished, including; 

- Title
- Author
- Date Read
- Pub Date 
- Category (non-fiction/fiction/biography/other)
- Format (hard copy/e-book/audiobook)
- Comments and Notes
- Star rating
- Final Word (for those awesome stickers!)

(It took me so long to get a half-decent photo of this page. I really hope you guys can see it!)

Now, I for one, love making a detailed note of the books I've read, and loved. So I love that there is space for all of these details (I stopped trying to make 'deets' happen) to be noted down here!

The next category, is "Books to Read" which is, duh (again), for noting down the books on your to-read pile. Which, if you're anything like me, will take you ages to write down! (I'm still writing mine down now...) There's space here to make a note of, not only the book title and author, but also any notes you might have. Maybe you want to read it because your boyfriend recommended it? Maybe it's a high-school fave? There's plenty of space to jot these little N.B's down!

And finally; "Books on Loan." I don't get a lot of use out of these sections, personally. I don't loan my books out often, after a particularly traumatising incident where I lent one of my favourite books out, and the recipient lost it! Oh, the horror. But I do occasionally loan books to my family, so I jot them down in here. Also, I like to make a note of books I swap with friends, so this is a handy place for those, too! All-in-all, pretty useful. 

Oh, AND at the front of the Book Journal is a little pocket - useful for storing the stickers, as well as, perhaps, bookmarks? Signed bookplates? That kind of thing! 

So, have I convinced you that this is the BEST book journal EVER yet? No? Here a few reasons why the Busy B Book Journal kicks the Moleskine Book Journal's butt! 

- The Busy B Book Journal (which I will refer to as BBBJ from now on for ease!) is super duper colourful. The Moleskine Book Journal (MBJ from now) is just black and white. Dull!

- The MBJ is very limited on space. It has an A-Z section for your book reviews. Which is great, and all. But there's about 5 pages per letter. If you happen to really like one author, and read a lot of said author's books, you're going to run out of space in your book journal pretty quick. Unless you aren't a perfectionist, and would be happy to put your author, whose surname starts with 'P', in the 'Q' category, so as not to waste space. If you're that person, we can't be friends. Sorry. 

- The BBBJ has more stickers, PLUS those page marker sticky notes which I can see myself using a lot of, tbh!

- The MBJ has A LOT of dead space at the back. I'm not really sure what it's for. But it could have been better utilised. BBBJ haven't missed a trick; every part of their book journal is useful!

There's so many more reasons why the Busy B Book Journal is the BEST book journal EVER. But I urge you; find out for yourself. You can pick the Busy B Book Journal up on Amazon for £10.98 right now! That's amazing value. Do it!

Have you tried the Busy B Book Journal? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

* Massive thanks to Busy B, who gifted me this book journal in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I will never blog about something I hate. Read more in my disclaimer here.

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