Sunday, 7 February 2016

February Goals!

Brown Tree Covered by Snow

Last month, it was; "how is it 2016 already?!" This month, it's; "how is it even February?!" The months are flying by, and I can't believe we're into February of 2016 already. Say what?! 

A new month brings new goals, but let's check out how I got on with my January goals first, shall we?

1. Cut down on the chocolate. I'm pleased to say, this has been a success. In the whole month of January I think I only had one big chocolate bar? That's nothing short of a miracle for me!

2. Watch less tv. Well, that went the way of the dinosaurs. I've now become one of those daytime television addicts. This is one I may need to revisit come February!

3. Colour more. Yay! I did this. I saw in the New Year colouring in, and I've been dipping in and out ever since. Did you guys know, there's now Dot-to-Dot for adults too? I picked up an "Ultimate Dot-to-Dot" magazine today, and I'm so excited to get started on it! 

4. Give something back. I consider this a modest success. When I went Lush haulin' recently, I picked up a Charity Pot. I would have liked to have done more this month, but funds are limited after Christmas. Maybe I'll revisit this in a few months? 

5. Start swimming again. Ugh. No. Okay, but I have a really good reason! My local pool is nasty. It's cold, dirty, and generally all kinds of yuck. But the council are building a new pool, and it's due to open in May this year. So I'm all up for going swimming again when the new pool opens it's doors. I just can't face swimming in our grotty little pool till then! 

3 out of 5. I'm pleased with that, as January is usually a rubbish month for me. And the first goal, to eat less chocolate, was the most important one for me, to tie-in with my 2016 goal of shifting some weight, so I'm really pleased I've achieved that one!  

And now, this month's goals! 

1. Get my 5 a day! Fruit and veg, that is! I haven't been eating enough of it since I moved in with my OH, 5 years ago! So, in the spirit of losing some weight, and just being healthier in general, I'm going to endeavour to get my five-a-day in every day this month! If I can do it this month, hopefully it will be easier for the rest of the year! 

2. Drink more water! Another "lose weight, get healthier" related goal. But since losing weight is my number one goal this year, I've got to start working hard on changing the little things that can make a big difference. And that includes drinking more water. Not only is being dehydrated really bad for your body, it's also quite often the reason you feel hungry! So it's 2 litres a day from now on, and nothing less! 

3. Read five books this month. As I'm writing this post 7 days into February (oops?) I've already read three of the five books I want to read this month! 

4. Stop spending money! No, really, I mean it this time. Except, not really. I'm being pretty specific with this goal. I want to stop spending money on; books, and handbags. Because at 25 years old, I'm pretty sure I could stock a shop with the amount of handbags, and books, I own. It's obscene. Time to stop spending money on my two, favourite things. And who knows, maybe I'll have more to save come pay day next month?!

5. Watch less television! So, I said above that I was going to revisit January's goal that had failed, so epically. I've started watching Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, Jeremy Kyle (the horror!) And loads more daytime television shows. Not only is it all a load of rubbish, it cuts into my reading time, my walking time, my "just chilling the fuck out" time. I've got to kick the television habit this month, once and for all! 

So, that's what I'm working towards this month. What are your goals? Let me know in the comments! 

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