Sunday, 24 January 2016

There's An App For That!* || With Cheerz

Technology has made a lot of things so much more convenient, right? Want a pizza? There's an app for that. Want to book a taxi? There's an app for that. Want to print your photos straight from your phone? There's an app for that, too!

Yep. If, like me, you've put off printing out your favourite photos because it's just not convenient, I have the answer in the form of Cheerz*. 

Cheerz are an online company that offer photo printing services through their website, and an app! And it couldn't be simpler. Whether you want an album, polaroid prints, magnets or boxed prints, Cheerz has it all to offer. In fact, the hardest part of the whole process is deciding what form you want your photos in! 

Printing out your photos couldn't be easier. Using the app, or the website, you have access to Instagram/Facebook/Dropbox. As well as choosing the photos you want to print, you choose how many you want printed. And there's even an option to add a caption on each photo, if that's your thing! I can't stress this enough; it could not be simpler! 

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know, I take a lot of photos of my cat! So it will come as no surprise that the majority of photos I selected to print out were, you guessed it, of my cat! What? He's cute!

The order came within a week, and this was during the Christmas period so a very busy time for both Cheerz and Royal Mail. Because the boxes are thin, the package was letterbox friendly, too, which was a bonus! The photos are great quality; crisp, clear and super cute in polaroid style! I loved the little box, as well. Everything was of such great quality, with such attention to detail, that I just know I'll be showing the product off to friends and family at every opportunity! 

One word of warning though, make sure the pictures you choose are of a decent resolution and that they will fit in the square box of the polaroid print. I was disappointed by two of my prints that had cut the head off my cat! But this was my fault, not Cheerz. Cheerz only print what you tell them to; so double check before you send your order off! 

Would I order from Cheerz again? Yes! It's a super convenient, super cute, and super modern way to print out all your favourite photos. And I just know I'll have more cat pictures I'll be wanting for my bedroom wall soon! 

Want your own Cheerz photo box? Order with the code AIMCOV for £4 off your order! You can order through the app, available on IOS and Android, or on their website! You can also find Cheerz on Instagram and Twitter. Let me know if you use, or have used, Cheerz; what did you think? 

* items provided free in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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