Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Haul Post!

I'm back with one of my mid-week haul posts. Yay! I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, but Christmas got in the way! I've got plenty to share with you now though, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the read! 

How cute does my little kitty look? I had a shot without him in, but this one was just too good not to share! He posed like a pro! Anyway. What did I buy?

"In A Dark Dark Wood" by Ruth Ware (this book has been on my wishlist for ages!)*
"Moving" by Jenny Eclair*
I Love...Gingerbread body spritz (Primark)
I Love...Chocolates & Oranges body spritz (Primark)
Handy Mani Kit (Wilkos)
Me To You plush keyring (Clinton Cards)
Curious Cat Pandora charm (Pandora)
Long-sleeved, grey top (Primark)
2016 Happy Jackson diary (Clinton Cards)
"Learning to Dance" by Diane Chamberlain (Also on my wishlist for ages! WHSmith)
Baylis & Harding Beauticology Mrs Gingerbread Bath & Body House of Treats (Half-price in the Boots sale. It's so cute! Boots)
"The Bones of You" by Debbie Howells*

*items purchased from WHSmith in the "Buy 1 get 1 for £1" sale! 

A close-up of the Curious Cat charm from Pandora! Isn't it cute?!

Before you all think I'm a shopaholic (which I totally am but ssh!) These little hauls were all done over the course of the last, I'd say, two months! I've been storing them up to share with you today. They were not all one shopping trip! In fact, this little haul came from a week before Christmas! 

Journal (WHSmith)
"The Wicked Will Rise" by Danielle Paige (This is the sequel to "Dorothy Must Die" which I bought a few weeks previous to this! Waterstones)
"Cinder" by Marissa Meyer (I went and bought the sequel in my next haul, as you'll see below! Waterstones)
The Book Thief on DVD (HMV)
Lavender scented heat cushion (For all my aches and pains! Wilkos)
Beanie hat (I left my favourite beanie in a pub one day, so I had to replace it. This isn't as good, though :( Primark)
Nailene French Express press-on nails (Which I am never using again because they ruin my nails! Boots)
Keyring power bank (Primark) 
Ferrero Rocher (My absolute favourites! A present from my mum!)

I would like to add, in case you hadn't guessed from the different picture styles, I use different cameras for my photos depending on what's to hand; DSLR, digital camera, phone camera. But I have a new camera coming on Friday, so hopefully that will see more continuity in my pictures! Until then, tough *winks*

"Winter" by Marissa Meyer (The sequel I picked up a few weeks after I purchased "Cinders" on a BOGOHP offer! I've not read either yet though, but I will. Promise! Waterstones)
"A Reunion of Ghosts by Justin Claire Mitchell (Waterstones)
Twining's mug with five English Breakfast tea bags (I'd seen this, and wanted it, before Christmas, but managed to grab it in the Boxing Day sales. Score! Boots)
Twining's Porcelain Tea For One Set with ten English Breakfast tea bags (A present from my mum, also in the Boxing Day sales! I'll be drinking a lot of English Breakfast tea...Boots)

There was a time I used to hate baths. I know! Me?! I love them now. Maybe it's because I've got such lovely bubble baths. I bought all these for £5, they are usually £4 each! The scents? 

Red Berries
Sensitive Rose Petals x 2
Vanilla and Orchid 

In my next haul post, I'll have another of the Avon bubble baths to share with you; it's a good 'un! 

I love this shade of nail polish! I love it so much, in fact, that's it made my Nail Polish of the Month, February edition! It's called "Scene" and I picked it up in the Avon sale! I also grabbed this Sleep Serenity Chamomile and Lavender Pillow Mist which smells delightful spritzed on your pillow! On whether it helps you sleep or not, the jury's still out! 

And finally, until the next haul post at least! I ordered "#GIRLBOSS" by Sophia Amoruso because I've heard so many good things about the book from other bloggers that I just had to read it! 

Shall we leave it at that for today? I'm sure I'll have more to share with you in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for another haul post soon! I hope you enjoyed this one, though, and do let me know in the comments what you thought of my purchases. Have you read any of the books? What have you been buying, and loving, lately? 

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