Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Prairie Charms Stocking Stuffers!

Last weekend, something very exciting, and very sparkly, came through my letterbox.

This very exciting, very sparkly something was a silver envelope, packed full of Prairie Charms goodies; all part of their Stocking Stuffers bundle*! 

Now, I'm a complete Prairie Charms newbie. I'm going to use that as an excuse for not popping the, beautifully wrapped, gifts under the tree and waiting to open them till Christmas Day. 

(But honestly, how many of you bloggers actually did that? I bet I can count you on one hand...A sparkly, silver envelope full of gorgeous goodies falls through your letterbox and you don't even open one?! I'm not buying it...)

Even if I wasn't a Prairie Charms newbie though, we all know I'd have opened all the gifts within the first five minutes of them landing on my mat. I'm just that kind of person! 

I hesitated in opening the four lovely packages inside the envelope only long enough to grab my camera, and then I got ripping, and clicking! 

And the first Prairie Charms accessory I opened? This Christmas tree themed hair bow! I often wear my hair in a top-knot, and  I like to put a bow, or clip, in front of the top-knot to add a bit of style. So, of course, the first thing I did was try this bow on. And it looks perfect. It's a simple design; white, with the green Christmas trees, but it still stands out when you're wearing it. It goes with lots of hair styles, and lots of different outfits too, so it's very versatile! 

I was grinning from ear to ear after my first Prairie Charms gift, and it just kept getting better from there!

So I managed to open all the hair accessories in one go....oops?! This one's a clip, so it's slightly different to the bow. It's also very glittery, though not as glittery as another accessory coming up shortly...So, it's hardly going to be news to you that all the items included in this package are Christmas themed. It isn't called "Stocking Stuffers" for nothing! And this clip is a piece of holly; very seasonal! I was surprised when I got the clip out of it's packaging as it's very flimsy, just a piece of fabric on a metal clip, really. From looking at it, I'd thought it would be...well, made of stronger stuff. I don't wear clips as often as I wear bows, but this clip is so pretty I'll be making an extra effort to wear it; especially over Christmas!

The third item of my "Stocking Stuffers" bundle was so hard to photograph! I wanted to keep the earrings in their original packaging, because it was very pretty. But the light bounced off the wrapping and made it near impossible to get a half-way decent photo. This is the best I could do. (I assure you there are 2 earrings in the wrapping, I just couldn't get the other earring in the photograph!) And the very, very glittery accessory I was talking about above? That would be this one! My god, glitter everywhere. The first night I wore these earrings out, my face was sparkling, my fingers were glittering! These little star earrings are super cute, but super messy and, if I'm honest, that kind of puts me off wearing them. I'll give them another go, though. Perhaps after a few wears the 'excess' glitter will wear off? 

And my absolute favourite item in the Prairie Charms Stocking Stuffer bundle? The Gingerbread Man necklace, of course. I'm still wearing it now! I did have to put the Gingerbread Man on one of my own chains, as the chain provided choked me if I dared to look up or down. I either have a really fat neck, which is possible, or Prairie Charms have unreasonable expectations of their customer's neck sizes! But it was easy to remove the Gingerbread Man from the chain provided, and pop it on another necklace (which I happened to have one of in my jewelry box!) It's super cute and super versatile because, although Gingerbread Men are seen more at Christmas, you could totally wear this necklace all year round, if you wanted! Definitely my favourite piece, so good I had to get a close-up picture for you!

Isn't he adorable?!

I'm so pleased with my Prairie Charms Stocking Stuffer bundle. And I'll definitely be buying from Prairie Charms again!

Have you received one of Prairie Charms Stocking Stuffer bundles? What did you think? What did you love the most?  

Merry Christmas ^.^

*product provided for review, all views are my own

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