Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Haul Post

I was reluctant to post this as I don't want to seem like I'm bragging about the gifts I received this Christmas. Not everyone is as fortunate as I was, I'm well aware of that, so please don't think I'm trying to shove how lucky I was in your face. I enjoy reading these kinds of posts because I'm nosy, and I like to see what other people opened on Christmas Day, and I hope those reading this will be the nosy type too!

Christmas Day - In-Laws and Mother!

At the in-laws, I also opened all the gifts from my lovely friends, and those feature here too.
From my best friend, Jenny, a "Cats" colouring book!

From my friends Rikki and Leia, "The Ultimate Collection" colouring book!

From my best friend Sarah, chocolate chip cookies, and Lush goodies (pictured later in the post!)

From my friends Tanya and Hugh, a Dove smellies set, and Amazon voucher (not pictured!)

Honestly, I am so lucky to have friends who know exactly what I like. Cats, colouring books, smellies, chocolate? It's like they can see into my soul! Haha. Thank you to my lovely friends who bought me such amazing gifts.

The in-laws absolutely spoilt me this year; 

Pandora bracelet with one charm! (such an amazing, and unexpected, Christmas present!) 

Massive Milk Tray!

My Blue Nosed Friends - Octopus!

Modesty Panels (these are lacy bits of fabric that clip to your bra to cover up cleavage. I've wanted some for ages!)

Photo Pen (you put a photo of your choosing in the pen so you can look at it whenever you're writing!)

I feel so lucky to have such lovely in-laws. They remember the things I say throughout the year to buy me the perfect presents, and they go above and beyond; I never expected a Pandora bracelet! Thank you to my lovely in-laws for such wonderful Christmas gifts!

My other half spoilt me too, of course! That's as it should be *wink wink*

"Home Sweet Home" Pandora charm! (To remind me of our first home together!)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the illustrated edition!

Lush goodies (pictured later in the post!)

I feel very lucky to have such a thoughtful other half. And if he doesn't know what to get me, he'll let me choose. Win win! Thank you, for my lovely gifts. They were all so perfect.

My mother, who we visited later in the day, had some lovely gifts to give too! 

Avon Anew skin-care set!

Bubble-gum and Dolly Mixtures scented shower gels! 

Dove body lotion!

Harry Potter snow globe and sticker book! 

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans! (Excited, and a little scared, to try these, haha!)

A leather pen pouch!

The cosiest, fluffiest, warmest slipper booties known to man! 

Amethyst cross necklace (not pictured)

Jelly Opal ring (not pictured)

Bracelet Buddy (to help do up tricky clasps on bracelets on your own!)

I'm so lucky to have a mother who remembers all the things I like, all of my favourite things. These gifts are all so perfectly tailored to me; I love fun smelling shower gels, and anything Harry Potter. She always buys me the most gorgeous jewellery and whenever I wear it I'm reminded of her. Thanks mum for these amazing presents!

Christmas Day - Lush

I was thoroughly spoilt this year with Lush goodies, my newly discovered favourite shop! 

My lovely friend Sarah, of thingssarahloves, sent me (on the left-hand side of the picture); 

Shower scrub bar!

Beautiful shower gel! 

Celebrate body lotion!

All in this gorgeous box...

My other half bought me, which I chose myself; 

Santa's Belly shower jelly!

Christingle body conditioner! 

Rose Jam shower gel!

I'm so lucky to have friends and loved ones who spoil me. Thank you Sarah and Chris for my lovely Lush goodies, which I shall really enjoy using!

Christmas Day - In-Laws 

This deserved a picture all of it's own, because this was my other gift from the in-laws this Christmas. You know, besides the Pandora charm bracelet plus charm, snowman blanket, Milk Tray, My Blue Nosed Friend toy and the modesty panels...They knew I wanted a snow globe and they found me this beautiful, Christmas snow globe which plays Christmas tunes when wound up! Love!

Thank you in-laws for this gorgeous snow-globe. On top of the Pandora bracelet?! You really didn't have to! But I shall cherish this ornament and bring it out every Christmas from now on.

Boxing Day - Grandparents

My grandparents always give me lovely presents, but I was especially lucky this year. 

The fluffiest, snuggliest dressing gown known to man, obviously to match my slipper booties! 

A jumper that is just like wearing a hug! 

Royal Jelly hand soap! 

And from my aunt, uncle and cousins;

A massive make-up box full of lip-gloss, eyeshadows, nail polish and so much more! 

Thank you to my grandparents who mean the world to me; they always manage to buy me the perfect gift. This year I'm going to be keeping warm while being reminded of two of my favourite people in the world! 

Thank you to my cousin, India, who I hear had a large part to play in the make-up box present! I need a night out now to use it all! 

I also opened my godfather's present at my grandparent's house, which was this shower gel and body lotion set from The White Company! (It smells amazing!) 

Thank you to my godfather, and his wife, for this lovely little gift (and the red wine). It's very me!

So, I really was a lucky girl this year. Guess I must have been on Santa's 'nice' list after all! I'm so lucky, and I won't forget that!

What presents did you get for Christmas? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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