Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Haul Post

I took a bit of a blogging break last week, as I was feeling creatively blocked. But I'm back, with a good old-fashioned haul post! I have a lot more than I thought to include in today's post, so grab a cuppa, pop your feet up and enjoy the read! 

The Harry Potter Colouring Book was a must-buy for a die-hard Harry Potter fan like myself (WHSmith, £9.99)

"The Grown Up" is a short story by author of "Gone Girl," Gillian Flynn (Waterstones, £3.99)

Busy B 2016 To-Do Diary (Waterstones, £10.99)

New boots! With Winter well on it's way, if not already here, a good pair of ankle boots was a necessity! (Shoezone, £19.99)

Blogger friends have been telling me for ages to check out the stationery range at Asda. I finally did, and was not disappointed; so cute! (Organiser £4.99, Notebook £3.99, Sticky Notes £1.99)

This is starting to be a bit of a stationery heavy haul! No one told me that Accessorize do the cutest stickers! I picked up these Christmas ones, and then went back a few days later for more! (Accessorize; 'A' key-ring £4.99, Christmas stickers £1.99. Boots; Charli XCX Impulse body spray £0.99, Fifi Lapin notebook £7.00. Waterstones; Carpe Diem Journal £10.99)

This is a totally rubbish photo, but a lovely, lovely buy! It's a super warm, super fluffy, super cuddly top. Perfect for those cold Winter nights! (Peacocks, £10) 

Book haul! My favourite kind. "Dorothy Must Die" by Danielle Paige, "All My Secrets" by Sophie McKenzie, "All Of The Above" by James Dawson, "Am I Normal Yet" by Holly Bourne. (Waterstones, BOGOH-P offer)

You've already seen the Carpe Diem Journal, I know, but it looked so good next to this "My Life: An Autobiographical Journal!" (Waterstones, £10.99)

Told you I went back for more stickers! (Accessorize, £1.99 for larger packs, £0.99 for smaller packs) 

Cat lovers need a cat mug. And since my favourite mug was smashed earlier this week, I needed something to fill the void. Enter, cat mug! (Morrisons, £2)

Saving the best for last. News, as well as buy, that is. Because this new handbag is my 'well done on the new job' present. To myself! (Myself knows me so well...!) Yep, two years after being made redundant from my last job I've got a new one; Marketing Assistant at a company called Tools4ever. I'm super excited! (Debenhams, £39)

If you have recently posted a haul video or blog post, leave me your links! I love to see what other bloggers are buying.

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