Monday, 30 November 2015

Life: November Update

Guess what, guys?!

24 sleeps till Christmas! 

Can you believe it? I know I can't! Every month, I wonder where the time has gone. But with Christmas fast approaching, I'm wondering where the time has gone even more. I'm not at all ready for Christmas, are you? If, like me, you're definitely not ready for the Christmas season to start, sit back, relax, and see what I got up to through November! 


- I went to Cadbury World! I'd been begging my OH to take me after I saw an advert for the place on TV. I loved every minute of it, and now I want to go again!

- Bowling with friends. I usually hate bowling (because I usually suck) but I didn't come last this time! So I guess you could say I enjoyed myself...

- Drinking ALL the hot chocolate! Tis the season, don't you know...


(Nowhere near enough!)

- "What My Best Friend Did" by Lucy Dawson

- "What She Left" by T.R. Richmond


- A third bookcase...yep, I'm slowly turning the bedroom into a bookcase at a time! 

- This little gorilla from the Cadbury adverts. £12.99 in the Cadbury World store! 


- Surprise cards and presents from overseas friends in the mail! I received this lovely Christmas card, and handmade bookmarks, from my friend Lauren, in America!


- Oh, and November also saw me land my first job in two years! I'm super excited. :) 

Besides a two week bout of tonsillitis, followed by a nasty cold, November has been a pretty good month! How was yours? Are you looking forward to Christmas? My next "Life: Update" will be a Christmassy one! 

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