Friday, 16 October 2015

What's Inside My Handbag?

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. Since my last post, I've changed handbags about a dozen times! So, let me show you which handbag I'm using now, and what's inside that handbag!

I'm currently using my purple Floozie handbag, which was a birthday present just last month! But, as the weather gets worse, I'm going to have to change handbags; again! This one has no zip, so when it rains, everything gets wet! Which is a shame, because I love this handbag!

My mum says I carry too much stuff in my handbag. I say I like to be prepared for all eventualities! So, from left to right and starting with the top row, I carry:

- Principles purse

- Paperchase organiser - I like to be organised, even on the move!

- Rennie tablets - gastrointestinal distress is no fun! 

- Vaseline vanilla and macadamia lip butter - my lips get super dry in Winter!

- Carex strawberry laces cleansing wipes - perfect for sticky fingers! 

- Tissues 

- Avon royal jelly lip treatment - I like options when it comes to lip care!

- Antihistamines - needed less so with Winter coming, but still needed!

- Vaseline raspberry rose lip butter - this one gives my lips a pinky shine!

- Pocket mirror - a gift from family!

- Carex bubble-gum refreshing hand gel - I love the Carex 'fun' range!

- Boots hair grips - for those bad hair days! 

- Plasters, various sizes - necessary for blisters!

- EE portable charger - I rarely use this, but it's still nice to have it to hand!

- Batteries - I always keep a spare set of batteries in my handbag for my camera! 

- Nikon Coolpix digital camera - because you never know when you might want to snap a pic of something! 

- Gumy in-ear headphones - I always listen to music when I'm travelling!

- Nivea travel deodorant 

- Keys - with lots of keyrings. My favourites? My "I love you to the moon and back" keyring from my mother, and my octopus keyring from Bristol Aquarium! 

- Nokia Lumia 435 phone, and phone sock - I recently got a new phone, and this is your first look at it! I keep it in this little pink phone sock when it's in my handbag, to prevent scratches from keys! 

- Owl tote bag - I love this little tote bag. Not only does it fold up tiny to fit in your handbag, but it clips on - to your keyring, your handbag, your belt! Easy to remember. And, it was cheap! 

And inside my purse? (By the way, this purse, also a birthday present, is my absolute favourite purse!) 

- Bank cards 

- Loyalty cards - Pets at home, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waterstones and more.

- Driving licence 

- Library card 

- Money - because, duh!

- 'To the one I love' keepsake card - from the one I love! 

- 'To my daughter' keepsake card - from my mother!

So, that's what's inside my handbag. What's inside yours? What do you consider handbag essentials? Do you have a handbag you love? 

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