Sunday, 11 October 2015

Come With Me To Bristol Aquarium!

Aquariums are my absolute favourite places to visit. I find them so relaxing, and so fascinating. I don't get to go often enough, but, for my birthday last month, my OH took me to Bristol Aquarium for the day. And, armed with my new camera, I got some pretty good shots, for an amateur, which I'm sharing with you today!


One of my favourite areas of the aquarium; the jellyfish tanks! I could sit and watch them all day; something about the way they move is...hypnotising. Also, there were baby jellyfish! *squee!*

Interesting fact; there is a giant jellyfish nicknamed the 'pink meanie' because of it's aggressive sting and distinctive colour!


The seahorses were, by far, the most photogenic creatures at the aquarium; because they stayed, mostly, still! The aquarium also had a tank full of baby seahorses, which were 'totes adorable!' 

Interesting fact; the male seahorse carries the female's egg in a pouch, found in his abdomen, until they're ready to be born!


I snapped a wicked picture of a turtle as it swam towards me, but my reflection got in the way! But look at this chilled out fella, just lounging around on a log. Turtles have a way of always looking so relaxed!

Interesting fact; the gender of a turtle is determined by how hot or cold their environment was while they were in their eggs! 


The rays remind me of my childhood because, on a school trip, I was allowed to gently touch the back of a ray as it swam past. I don't remember where the aquarium was, or how old I was, I just remember that moment and thinking, "wow." Maybe that's when I became an aquarium lover?!

Interesting fact; rays give birth every other year to a single pup, or a pair of four-foot pups that arrive rolled up like burritos. 


Teehee, don't these crabs look mad? The one at the top looks mildly disgruntled, but the one at the bottom looks like; "I'm gonna kill you!" Also, Bristol Aquarium had an amazing giant lobster, named Patrick! Sadly, though, I couldn't get a decent picture of Patrick.

Interesting fact; a crab may lose a claw or a leg in a fight. In time, the claw or leg grows back! 


These things fascinate me. As well as trip up my tongue. If you can say 'anemones' right the first time, get out. I can't even type it right the first time... They are cool though. Especially this one!

Interesting fact; Sea Anemones are named after the Anemone Flower, which is why it's known as the Flower of the Sea!


No trip to the aquarium would be complete without "Finding Nemo!" (See what I did there? Get it? Do you, do you?!)

Interesting fact; the main character in the Disney film, "Finding Nemo," was a clownfish!

Regal or Blue Tang Fish

And Dory! Or Dori... I'm going to be a little controversial now and say, Dory was my favourite character in "Finding Nemo." Nemo's cool, and he's the lead. But Dory is....well, Dory!

Interesting fact; the Regal Tang found new popularity thanks to the character of Dori in the Disney film, "Finding Nemo."

No trip to the aquarium is complete without a souvenir, of course!

Last time I visited Bristol Aquarium, a few years ago, they had a gorgeous octopus which, sadly, is no longer with them. I was very disappointed that I didn't get a chance to see the octopus again, so I consoled myself with an octopus keyring!

What a fantastic trip! I got some fantastic pictures, way more than I've published here, and had a fantastic time. Now, when can I go again?!

So, have you been to Bristol Aquarium? Or have you been to an aquarium elsewhere you would recommend? 

Interested in visiting, supporting, or learning more about Bristol Aquarium? Visit their website today!

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