Sunday, 18 October 2015

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me!

I was tagged by the lovely Nicola, of Nic-Spirational, for this post; in which I share ten unusual things you didn't know about me! Now, I'm not too sure what exactly defines unusual, so if what I share isn't unusual to you, it must be to me!

1. I have an irrational fear of moths and butterflies. Actually, anything that flies. Yes, including planes. That's not irrational though; those things crash far too often! 

2. I can't keep plants alive. I'm like, the opposite of green-fingered. 

3. I spend my money on four things; books, pyjamas, handbags and stationery!

4. I like cleaning. And ironing. Ironing less so. But I'll always clean when I'm in a bad mood. I find it...cathartic, I guess!

5. I buy more diaries than I could ever hope to use. So far? 3 for 2016! 

6. My favourite place to visit? Aquariums! 

7. I have really high anxiety levels like, all the time. I will worry about the slightly rational, leaving the stove on, to the completely irrational, global warming! 

8. I love horror films, but I can't stand scary video games. They're too...scary! (And realistic!)

9. Sometimes, my hands get super sensitive, and even touching a tea towel will set my teeth on edge.

10. When I turned 25, last month, I stopped getting asked for ID. That makes me sad! 

And anyone else who'd like to! 

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