Sunday, 20 September 2015

Tour My Blogging Space

In an ideal world, I'd have my own office with a big desk, comfy chair, and lots of bookcases! But this isn't an ideal world, and I don't have the luxury of my own office. Instead I work from my sofa. 

I have a small, fold-away, wooden table which functions as my desk. It's too small, really. I often find myself spreading all my notebooks, pens, and papers over the rest of the sofa! But it's all I've got. 
I like to keep my, make-shift, desk as clear as possible. All my notebooks, planners and papers, I put away in a little storage basket by the sofa at the end of the day. But there are a few things that never leave the desk. Here's a close-up view of them. 

In the purple desk-tidy, pictured above, live these few things; 

- Purple memo block
- Business cards 
- Hand cream x 2 - Wilkos and The Body Shop
- Paperclips, sticky notes, sticky tabs, Tipp-ex, eraser, bookmarks.
- Mini highlighters and mini pens
- USB leads for my camera and phone

My nail polish of the month often ends up shoved into the desk-tidy too, so I can quickly reapply when needed. 

It's probably becoming clear to you now that I'm a bit of a stationery junkie! Pens, pencils, notepads. You name it, I've got it. 

This, then, is my very full pen pot. I only keep the bits I use daily in the pot, and it's still overflowing! So what's in it?

- Pens. I have a problem holding certain pens. I need pens with a rubber grip on them to write legibly. So there's a lot of these in the pot!

- Scissors. Always come in handy for cutting labels off, opening parcels and more.

- Highlighters! I love highlighting things. I have orange, green, pink, and yellow. 

- Coloured pens. In green, pink, purple and blue. Useful for making bits of text standing out without using a highlighter. 

This is a very new addition to my desk. This cute stationery set was a birthday present, last week, from my grandparents, who know me so well. 

Inside the holder is;

- Small address book. Believe it or not, I still use address books!
- Plain, flip notepad.
- Lined, hardcover notebook.

- Two pencils.

I also put my, also new, business card in the clear slot at the front!

I love this purchase; an impulse purchase in my local pound store! 

What is it? It's called a 'wheelie bin desk tidy.' My other half reckons it's meant as a kind of pen pot. I reckon it's to put your rubbish in. It's anybody's guess really. 

I use it, though, as a rubbish bin. Empty envelopes, old notes, snotty tissues! It all goes in the little wheelie bin, which I empty once a week. It's ace!

I make  a lot of quick notes. Whether it's a quick budget, a reminder, a shopping list. So a memo block, like this one, is essential. 

Whenever I have an idea, or need to jot something down quickly, I grab a piece of paper from the pad and scribble away. 

Little things get added to my desk over the course of a day. This is one of them. 

This is my weekly desk planner.

It starts off blank and quickly become fulls.

This is the past week's page.
 Manic, huh?

I jot down everything I need to remember, buy, do. People I need to call, blog posts I need to write. Emails that need replying to. 

Everything you can imagine gets scribbled down on the pad, and by the end of the week, it looks pretty crazy! 


I have my 2015/2016 diary to hand always, to jot down appointments, meetings, blog ideas and blog posts. I also have my 2016, eek, diary to hand because, believe it or not, I'm already starting to fill up January with blog posts and plans! The spotty notebook sticking out of the diary is my falling apart, very important, blogging notebook. In it are all my ideas, detailed notes, advertisers, giveaway plans and so much more. I couldn't be without it!

I like to keep a bottle of water on my desk to remind me to drink. I'm terrible at keeping hydrated, and usually end up with a headache if I don't drink enough! This Pete the Panda bottle is a new purchase from Primark, for £3! It does the job perfectly. 

So that's where I blog from. That's where I'm writing this post from, in fact. What about you? Are you lucky enough to have an office? Or do you have a make-shift set-up, like me? 


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