Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hello, twenty-five...

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Today I turn twenty-five.

It may not seem like a lot to most, but twenty-five seemed like a milestone to me. 

I had a whole list of things I wanted to achieve before I hit the big two five. 

But now that I am actually twenty-five, I realise none of that matters. 

(Although, admittedly, I ticked off more than I thought I would!)

I realise now that twenty-five is no more a milestone than, say, twenty-two.

It's just an age. 

It's just a number. 

The things I've achieved in my twenty-five years are things to be proud of.

They might not be what was on my list, but they are just as important.

I overcame a serious bout of depression, and gained some control of my anxiety. 

I got a pet - with my significant other, no less. 

We bought our own house - that's a pretty big deal. 

And the small things too.

I kept my goldfish alive for a year!

I finally have some savings in the bank.

I dropped a dress size.

Measuring life by numbers is pointless. 

Giving yourself a deadline for achieving set tasks is pointless. 

Life doesn't go to plan. 

Life doesn't follow your agenda. 

You have to be flexible. 

It's important to recognise your achievements; big or small.

Today I turned twenty-five, and I really couldn't give a stuff!


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*image from All The Pretty Stars blog

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