Monday, 21 September 2015

Birthday Shenanigans

Something a little different for you today; a birthday themed post. Here's all the presents; cards; cakes; and celebrations!

First up, my birthday cake. Well, the first one! This was the cake my mum bought, that we all enjoyed at my birthday meal! 

Next up is this stunning bouquet, a present from my OH's parents. Lilies are my favourite flowers, and they remembered that! 

These are all the presents I received on the day!

- Cats colouring book from friends Tanya and Hugh

- "Dead Letter Drop" by Peter James from friends Rikki and Leia

- Stationery set from grandparents

- Waterstones gift card from aunt, uncle and cousins

- 'Soft kitty' tank-top from other half

- Nikon coolpix digital camera from other half

What I bought with my birthday money and vouchers; 

- Pete the Panda drinks bottle from Primark 

- 4 bikini briefs from Primark 

- Panache bra from Bravissimo 

- "The Martian" by Andy Weir from Waterstones

- "After The Crash" by Michel Bussi from Waterstones

- "The Word Exchange" by Alena Graedon from Waterstones

- Storage basket from Tiger

A slice of my second birthday cake. This one was enjoyed by my OH and me! 

My third birthday cake...also enjoyed by my OH and me!

I figured if I was going to win anything, it'd be on my birthday. So I bought two scratchcards, for £2, and I won £2. Made my money back, cha-ching! 

This was just the first wave of birthday cards I received, from friends, family and my cat! (I'm the crazy cat lady your mother warned you about!)

Just a few, of many, pictures taken on the day of my birthday. Family, friends and my other half came together to celebrate at Frankie & Bennie's. It was a lovely day. 

As a final birthday treat, my OH took me to Bristol Aquarium. This is just one, of many, photos taken at the aquarium. You can see the rest in a dedicated post coming soon to the blog! 

And that's it. My birthday is well and truly over for this year. I've been twenty-five for over a week now, can you believe?! I had some lovely presents and cards; and a lovely few days celebrating with nearest and dearest. Now it's time to start thinking about Halloween!

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