Friday, 14 August 2015

Rainy Days

As I write this, the view from my living room window looks a little something like this; 

But that's okay, because I love the rain. In fact, I have been waiting, what seems like an eternity, for grey skies and torrential rain to return to Britain; and as I sit on my sofa, staring out of the window, I am happy. And here is just a few of the reasons why I love the rain as much as I do;
1. That fresh, crisp smell after the first rainfall. Someone needs to bottle that smell - I'd buy it!

2. The sound of raindrops on the window. I can't be the only one who loves this sound!

3. Duvet days! Rainy days were absolutely made for these.

4. Cooler nights; there's nothing worse than waking up soaked in sweat. Rain brings with it cooler nights; and much lesss sweat!  

5. Beautiful skies. After all, it's only rainy days that lead to gorgeous rainbows. A little something like this, actually;

So I, for one, can't wait for Winter. I need more rainy days, colder nights and duvet days. What about you? Are you a sun or a rain worshipper? Let me know! I'll be back on Sunday with a special post all about my new Moleskine book journal; have a lovely weekend, beauties!  

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