Friday, 21 August 2015

Bedside Table Tour

I believe you can tell a lot about a woman by her bedside table. What it looks like, and what's on it, can clue you in on many elements of her personality. You might be able to tell if she is organised or scatty. Maybe she's girly; sentimental. A hoarder, or more simplistic. What do you think mine says about me? I'll tell you what I think it reveals at the end of this post!
I get serious bedside table envy every time I see bedroom pictures on the internet. I think I envy most, those with simple, uncluttered bedside tables. They look so elegant! But try as I might, I cannot abide an empty bedside table in my room. So I stick to keeping mine organised instead; it's a good thing I like boxes, right?! (And I love, love, love this "Potions and Lotions" wooden box from B&M - it's perfect!)

So, what is on my bedside table? Mostly, the usual suspects. A lamp, a drinks coaster (for those nights I bring my cup of tea to bed!), and an alarm clock. Bedside table essentials! I also have a beautiful, glass plaque from my mother that says; "A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend." <3

The focus of my bedside table is my, newly acquired, "Potions & Lotions' wooden box. It's the perfect size for both my bedside table, and all the products I have in it. The only thing that could be better, is if it were an oak colour, to match the table. But that's a small complaint. And it serves it's purpose. For as the box says, it contains all my potions, and lotions, that are part of my bedtime, and morning, routine.

My evening routine is actually simplest. Apart from a short period of time when I was, rather embarrassingly, applying my day cream before bed, I don't do anything to my face once I've sat down on the bed. Nope. The first thing I do is apply a small amount of Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. It's exactly like Bio-Oil but much, much cheaper. And, for an oil, it's not too greasy. Plus, it smells amazing. Next, I apply a small amount of my Wilkos hand cream; I keep the passion fruit and melon scented lotion on my bedside table. You might spy, in my above photo, two other hand creams. They are my 'spares;' it wouldn't do to run out, after all! (Plus, they were on special offer, and an absolute steal!) And I finish it all off with a spritz of Avon Naturals lavendar and chamomile, room and fabric spray - to help me relax into sleep!


My morning routine, then, is much of the same. I start with the Palmer's, which says you can use it two to three times a day. I don't usually get to three. But I try to make sure I do it morning and night, at least! Then I use my face cream. At the moment, I'm using Olay Beauty Fluids, and I have more Olay lined up for when this bottle is empty! It's done wonders to my face since I started using it; my skin thanks me for it! Finally, I spritz on some of my preferred body spray; either FCUK or So...? And then I'm ready to face the day!

So that's my routine, what's yours? And, if I can ask the advice of the beauty blogging community, should I be using night cream at the age of 25? I've only recently found out the benefits of using any kind of face cream; I'm still learning! If you want to ignite my bedside table envy, feel free to share with me what's on your bedside table; I'd love to know! 

Laters, beauties <3

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