Monday, 10 August 2015

These Are Even More Of My Favourite Things...

Once a month, since June, I've been posting an article about a few of my favourite things. This months post will be the last post in my "favourite things" series; but I'll be back in September with a new series, detailing my favourite things each month. More about that later, though. For today, these are a few more of my favourite things!

Colouring Books

I've been colouring in, as an adult, since before it was cool! I used to print off pictures from sites like dA and spend hours colouring them in.  Then colouring in became popular, and a whole host of adult colouring books popped up. These are the two I'm working on right now; Tattoo Designs, and Mindfulness!


I can spend hours, and a fortune, in Wilkos, B&M, and similar stores searching for bits for the house! This is our first house, and I'm really enjoying decorating it how we (read: I!) want!

Quilts, Blankets & Throws 

I love snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa when the days are dark and dreary! The above quilt is my favourite; a recent purchase from B&M. It's huge, so I can lose myself in it! I also have a snuggly, wooly blanket, and lots of throws; all draped over the sofas, ready to snuggle into! 

Charm Bracelets

I have two different charm bracelets; but this one is my favourite. It's a silver chain with seven charms on; an open bible, the  letter 'C,' a black cat, two gemstones, a ruby half-moon, the letter 'A,' and a high-heeled shoe. I also have a beautiful Pandora charm bracelet, but I only wear that on special occassions!


Anyone who has seen my most recent haul post, and previous haul posts, will know about my love for handbags! I have, roughly, ten different handbags, which I keep in a plastic box under the bed. I'm pretty sure I have a handbag for every season now! Pictured; my newest handbag and, possibly, my favourite of the lot. 

That's it for this months 'favourite things' post. In fact, that's it for my 'favourite things' series. But, as mentioned earlier, I'll be launching a new, monthly, 'favourites' series from September, in which I'll be telling you all about my favourite things each month; books, films, clothes, and more! Before then, I'll be back on Wednesday, with a new blog post. Till then, have a lovely week!

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