Monday, 3 August 2015

Haul Post

Today I have quite a lot of goodies to share with you. My self-imposed shopping ban has well and truly been lifted, although it may well be in place again after this past week, and I've treated myself, as well as been treated to, a fair few things!

This I was treated to by my boyfriend's mum. A beautiful, bone china cup and saucer, with side plate. Covered in owls! I love my tea related accessories, but have never had a cup and saucer set. So I was thrilled when I spotted this! And I use it every day, now!

I'm a little in love with cute stationery right now, and a lot in love with Wilkos; who sell the cutest stationery at the best prices! I picked up this shopping list pad, mini highlighters set, pen set in a cute cat pouch, pink paperclips, desk weekly planner pad, and white metal pen pot for around £10! Whilst I was there I picked up some toothpaste, and two more hand lotions in Wilkos 'Fruits' range. I bought one last week, and loved it. So now I have three; one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom! I also picked up, in the £ shop, a wheelie bin desk tidy, which I think is super cute and super useful! Last, but definitely not least, a haul is not a haul without a book, in my case at least, and this time I picked up "Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter" by Louise Pentland. Which is a gorgeous book; and I'm so excited to read it! Moving on...

This was a bargain buy, as most of mine are if I'm honest, from B&M, another favourite store of mine. You have no idea how long I've been after a handbag sized make-up bag with no luck. I was in B&M, searching for a washing basket of all things, when I spotted this - it's just what I wanted!

This is something I treated the cat to, more than myself. But I've been after the Felix bowl and fork set for ages - since before I even had a cat! When I finally found one, I grabbed it. Harley, my kitten, seems to like it too (as long as there's food in it, anyway!)

Talking of my kitten; I couldn't resist this mug with a cat on the front - a cat who looks like Harley!

And, saving the best for last, my biggest treat to myself this week, was a new handbag and matching purse. It's not like I need a new handbag. In fact, I put all my other handbags into a plastic box to store under the bed, and couldn't fit all my bags in! It might have been the wake-up call I needed to stop buying handbags. But whilst I've vowed to buy no more, this year at least, after this one, I'm not convinced that ban will last - much like the self-imposed shopping ban. Which, as you can see, definitely did not last!

That's all for today, you lovely lot! I'll be back on Wednesday with a more personal post; dealing with one of my biggest phobias. See you then!

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