Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Haul Post

Out of all my latest purchases, one stands out above the others. But which one? You'll have to read on if you want to find out...

Don't mind my cat in the shot. He's very nosy; especially when I'm holding his new toys ransom for blog photography! I decided to let him have a few moments of internet fame with this picture! So, what did I buy?
Well, I bought two new storage boxes, one of which Harley is exploring! I bought quite a bit of stuff for the house; a bin for the bedroom, some non-stick baking trays, clothes pegs, wet wipes, and a bottle of Flash. For little Harley, I bought a new food bowl mat, and two little catnip toys (which he loves!). And for myself? Besides the storage boxes? A small, fold-out step, to help me reach the top cupboards because I'm a shorty, some new toothbrushes, and a fluffy, light blue pair of slippers from Peacocks - a steal at 8 pounds.

This second haul contains the favourite purchase of mine! But you'll have to wait just a little longer for the reveal! This week, I finally cracked and bought a few new books; 'The Good Girl' by Fiona Neill, "Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls" by Lynn Weingarten, and "You're Never Weird On The Internet (almost)" by Felicia Day. Store Twenty-One yielded a matching, purple memo pad and desk tidy, and butterfly doorstop. A stop at Superdrug saw me pick up some Garnier micellar cleansing wipes, Nivea moisturising night cream, and Superdrug's own bubble-gum shower gel. The animal print pens are Stabilo, bought from Wilkos. And now, the grand reveal. My favourite purchase this week...a Tamagotchi! Which, as well as being a steal at 60% off in The Entertainer, was my favourite toy as a child/teenager. I'm so excited to have one again now, and you can expect more details on it in a dedicated post next week!

And now, the final few haul items. Starting with;

Imperial Leather have had limited edition Marshmallow and Fruit Salad shower gels out for a few weeks. I finally got my bottles! 

And the earlier book buying continued with a pile of books from, unexpectedly, the pound store. I know, I couldn't believe it either! There's a book from favourite childhood author, R.L. Stine, and from author Louise Candlish, who I read and reviewed here recently! A fiver for five books; I call that a good deal! Now to pick which ones I want to read in September...look out for that post next week!

I"ll be back on Friday with an interview with blogger Nic-Spirational. Make sure you don't miss it! 

Laters, lovelies <3

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