Monday, 17 August 2015

10 things about me...

Emo Aimee!
1.  As a teenager, I went through a massive emo phase. The above picture is, well, one of my 'tamer' appearances. I usually teamed an all-black outfit with black lipstick, and thick black eyeshadow. And, of course, I had dyed black hair! Cringe.

2.  I love making lists. 

Baking with friends!
3.  I can't cook, or bake. My friend taught me how to make banana bread/muffins, which is what I'm doing in the above picture, but it's been so long I've probably forgotten how to now!

4.  My favourite food? Pizza.

Snow day!
5.  When it snows, I'm like a kid at Christmas (read: unbearable, if you believe my boyfriend!) Seeing snow as deep as this, a few years ago, was just so exciting. I wish we had snow more often!

6.  I'm a Christian. 

View from a train window!
7.  I used to be terrified of trains; I once cried on the platform because I'd missed my train and thought I'd be stranded at the station. Now, some years later, I love going on the train!

8.  I used to work in a charity book shop.

Tattoo cover-up!
9.  I already have a few tattoos, but this one is my favourite.  It's a gorgeous cover-up; with a lot of meaning. The waterlily represents the end of my struggle with depression.

10. I believe Jaffa Cakes are cakes, not biscuits! ;)

Laters <3

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