Friday, 24 July 2015

Haul Post

Some of you may remember that I've been on a self-imposed shopping ban for a few weeks? Well, that ban went out the window when I went shopping in Cheltenham with my mum yesterday! So here's my haul...

Moleskin book journal, from Waterstones. Nothing beats a Moleskin, and I do love my book journals! I saw a post on Instagram earlier in the week, a photo of a page of this journal, and I knew I had to have it. It was expensive, £17.99, but an investment! And it's so much better, inside and out, than I expected! It even comes with stickers...stickers! In fact, it's that good I'll be doing a whole post about it, with more pictures, in the near future!

Weekly planner, from Wilkos. A steal at £2.50!

2015 - 2016 planner, from Paperchase. I know, I know, I only bought a new diary/planner a free months back. But I hated it; it was wonky! I'll keep it though, and use it as the household diary. But this one, this one is much better! 

Wilkos own Fruits hand lotion, orange and pomelo. Palmer's skin therapy oil. Technically, though, my mum bought the skin therapy oil for me. And I only paid 95p for the hand lotion! Bargain!

Paperchase novelty stickers. Which, I was shocked to learn, have gone up in price from 50p to £1.00! Which, I suppose, isn't that bad for a pack of stickers. I don't use stickers as much as my inner child would like me to. But I use nearly a whole pack of them when I write a letter to my best friend, once a month or so! And I don't know anywhere else that sell decent stickers, only Paperchase. So I'll keep buying at the inflated price, but I hope they won't go up again!

Eraser, and sticky note memo pad, both from Wilkos.         

Kitten bowls!

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