Monday, 13 July 2015

A Day In My Life

My morning, technically, starts at around 4am, when my six month old kitten shouts for food. I try to go back to sleep, but its getting light outside and I'm wide awake. I end up playing games on my tablet, checking social media, and catching up on the news. I finally get out of bed around 8, and immediately head downstairs to make a cup of tea.

Whilst my tea is brewing, I like to get things done. Feed the cat, again; empty the litter tray; unload, and reload, the dishwasher! Then I sit down to "Good Morning Britain" with my cuppa for an hour, or so I think, doing a bit of blog planning, and writing, whilst I sit.

Eventually, I shower, and get dressed, after another cup of tea, or two, or three! Daytime telly really sucks me in, and I lose hours to "GMB" and "This Morning." I spend the rest of the morning, or what's left of it, doing chores around the house; helped by this little monster!

I knock up a quick salad for lunch; lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, a few salted peanuts, some cooked chicken, natural yoghurt and a dollop of salsa on top. Yummy! Whilst I eat, I watch a film, something I've recorded off the Horror channel, then I curl up on the couch to read; 

My evening starts with cooking a meal for two; then there's clearing up to do, before I shower and get back into my PJs! I spend the rest of the evening slobbing out with my other half on the sofa; watching rubbish on the telly whilst I do some more social networking, and blogging!

My day finally ends after I've emptied the litter tray, fed the kitten, tidied up the kitchen, fed the fish, made my other half's lunch for the next day, turned everything off and crawled under the duvet. I'm lucky tonight; my kitten comes for snuggles in bed before jumping up onto the windowsill; leaving me to sleep!

That's my day, what's yours like? Tell me in the comments! I'll be back Wednesday with a guest post; have a great week!

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