Friday, 5 June 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Since this blog promises to provide an insight into...well, me, I'm ending the week with a post all about (a few of) my favourite things. There are far too many for one post, and if this post proves popular I'll do another in a few weeks! But this should get you started!


Those who have read my last post will have seen my bulging bookcases and heard of my book buying obsession already, and so won't be surprised to learn that one of my all-time favourite things is books!
I love so many different books, and I tried to show that with this picture, which is only a few of my collection! I've begun buying books I want my children to read, too, with "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." "The Magic Faraway Tree" collection holds a special place in my heart, as I grew up reading these books and will always love them! "A StreetCat Named Bob" is a book I initially wrote off as not my sort of thing, but I finally relented to my boyfriends insistence I'd like it (his logic: because it had a cat on the cover) and is now a firm favourite, along with it's sequels. I could go on, but I better stop there...


Growing up, I was never interested in jewellery. In fact, the closest I came to wearing jewellery was cheap Claire's earrings and those rubber 'shag bands.' But that all changed when my mother started her own jewellery business and began buying pieces that were stunning and passing them on to me. Christmas comes early for me every couple of weeks when my mum hands me a little bag with a new piece of jewellery inside. But I can't wear all the jewellery she has given me over the years, and so a few favourites have become my 'staple' items; a necklace that, actually, was a birthday present from my best friend and is a quote from C.S.Lewis, "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me," and a ring that is a fairly new acquisition from my mum, and a breath-taking design. There's also a pink Baby-G watch that was a gift from my boyfriend that', and a beautiful heart locket, a birthday present from my mum....

Cute Stationery

Paperchase is right up there as one of my favourite shops. If I've got any money left after buying books, I'll be in there, buying stationery! I love cute notebooks, quirky pens, pretty pencil cases, beautiful organisers. The list goes on and on. Just last week I bought this gorgeous, mid-year organiser. Earlier this week I bought some groovy highlighters that look like paint tubes. At one point I had over 10, empty notebooks because I just kept buying them when I saw a design I liked! I can promise you, if I go into Paperchase I will not come out empty-handed, so it's lucky I don't live too near one! I love nothing more than opening up a brand-new, blank notebook and using a brand-new pen to make my first mark on the pristine white page. I love colour so am always buying colouring pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. Because of arthritis in my hands, I'm always looking for pens I can hold comfortably. Lovely stationery is just essential to me!


Ah boxes! These are just 2 of about, *does a quick calculation*, 7, maybe 8, pretty boxes scattered around the house. These two are actually now designated cat boxes. The bottom one is more of a toy; Harley likes to hide inside and pounce on unsuspecting toys/people. Sometimes he even naps in there! The top one is his toy box and, as you can see, it's nearly full!  But I have a wicker box in a kitchen cupboard full of medical supplies. A wooden box on the coffee table full of stationery, pencil cases and books. Two boxes in the bathroom full of toiletries. Another wicker box full of children's books in the spare room. Another full of shoes in the front room There's probably more. Come to think of it, boxes might actually be taking over our house! But I love them - neat, pretty boxes that house all the bits that would otherwise turn the house into a muddily mess. What's not to love?!


No favourites post of mine would be complete without mentioning this little guy. This is Harley; my 5 month old, black and white kitten. So named because my boyfriend is a motorbike fanatic and Kawasaki/Yamaha/Triumph were just not suitable cat names! We've watched him shed his fluffy, baby fur and grow out a handsome, adult coat. We've watched him grow; in size and confidence. When we first had him he wouldn't leave the room we were in to eat his food; now he quite happily wanders off to his bowls in the kitchen, behind the door. When we first had him, he wouldn't go upstairs/downstairs on his own, now we'll quite often find him in the bedroom enjoying some solitude. He's becoming an adult cat before our very eyes and whilst I miss the clingy, cuddly kitten I'm proud to see him thriving in our care. I could gush on about him for hours, but you've probably heard enough from me today!

So there you have it. I've barely scraped the surface of my favourite things with the five above but I don't want to make this too long. I'd love your feedback on this post; did you like it, would you like to see another? You can leave me a comment or tweet me on twitter, I'm @aimeeraindrop. My next blog post will be on Monday and is a sneak peek at what's inside my  handbag! Until then, it's bye from me. Have a great weekend, folks!

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