Monday, 1 June 2015

Haul Post

One of my favourite things to do is go shopping. And since I tend to go shopping once a week, you can expect more of these 'haul' blog posts in the near future! Till now, most of my shopping sprees ended with a big bag of books. Maybe some cute pyjama sets, nice stationery, pretty underwear. But I've been issued with a book buying ban from my, slightly fed-up, boyfriend.
And these pictures will probably explain why;                                                                                                                      

Those two bookcases, currently taking up residence in our bedroom, contain only books I have not read yet. You've heard of a 'to be read pile' but have you heard of a 'to be read bookcase?' Or two, for that matter? The first bookcase is full of books I intend to read, at some point, and then pass on to friends, family, charity shops. The second bookcase is full of books I intend to read, again at some point, and keep. Some of these include; "All The Bright Places" by Jennifer Niven, "Yes Please" by Amy Poehlr, "Hot Feminst" by Polly Vernon, "Not That Kind Of Girl" by Lena Dunham, "Reasons To Stay Alive" by Matt Haig and more. I also have a bit of a classics collection going on which is taking up the top shelf, and half of the second. You can probably see now why he has banned me from buying anymore. Luckily, I have a Kindle, with over 400 books still to read on, that I can buy books on without him being any the wiser! *grin*

Anyway, my shopping spree hauls have changed somewhat now. So yesterday I bought home; a very cute, mid-year diary/planner from Paperchase, two vest tops from Primark, a coral lace bra from Bravissimo, an artificial flower in a vase from Wilkos, "Morning Gorgeous" and "Morning Handsome" mugs also from Wilkos, Sasha the silk moth Blue Nosed Friend from Clintons. Now, Sasha has become one of many because, as well as collecting books, I collect My Blue Nosed Friend Toys. Here's my collection so far; 

My Blue Nosed Friends!

I've not been banned from buying these yet. But my boyfriend does roll his eyes every time I bring a new one home, so I figure it can't be long! 

I also usually return home from a shopping trip with stuff for the house. I love decorating our house with little bits. The artificial flower in a vase from Wilkos is to sit next to the cream, heart-shaped alarm clock in our spare bedroom; to make it look cosy! I also bought home, but didn't photograph, a lime green dish drainer and matching lime green cutlery drawer organizer; with plans to buy the matching lime green washing up bowl in the works!

That's your sneak peek into my shopping bag, and my life, for this week. Be here on Friday, when I let you in on a few of my favourite things... *exits singing*

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