Friday, 29 May 2015

What Do Kittens Like?

As a kitten mommy I spend most of my money on treats and toys for my 5 month old, black and white moggy; Harley. I'm sure he has more cat toys than a pet store! I've been bringing home toys since we first got Harley, 3 months ago, and most have been met with a lukewarm reception. One was even met with complete disgust! His favourite toy, in fact, has been a piece of balled up paper. Till now.
Now there's these. These three were met with such delight and joy as I've never seen before. The toys are part of a range from B&M, a UK store a lot like Woolworths, and contain premium, organic catnip. Maybe that's the attraction. Whatever, Harley went mad for the first one I bought home; Tatty-rat. He couldn't even wait for me to get it out of the packaging! So, naturally, I then went out and bought two more; Turkey Lurkey and Fuzzywuzzybird (seriously, who comes up with these names?!) Both were met with similar delight and joy, and attempts at playing with the toy whilst still in the packaging!

I decided to share this for all the other kitten moms out there who are always on the lookout for new toys to delight their fussy little troublemakers! This range has had the seal of approval from my little boy; I hope your kittens might enjoy them too!

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