Blogger Services

I'm offering a range of services to help the busy, time-strapped blogger. Whether you need tweets scheduled, or broken links fixed; I'm your girl! I offer a fast turnaround on most of the services below, usually 24 hours, and will keep in touch via email with progress updates, etc. All work will, of course, be done to the highest standard. Please note, prices are for guidance only and can be discussed further when you contact me. You can email me at

Button Coding - £5 £2.50 LIMITED TIME OFFER

Been asked for your blog button by a fellow blogger, business or PR? No idea what a button even is, let alone how to start creating one? Just email me an image and the link to your blog, and I'll provide you with the code for a grab box to pop in your sidebar, or the code for advertising on someone else's blog.

Broken Link Fixing - £10/hr £5/hr LIMITED TIME OFFER

Not had time to check, and fix, your broken links before the next Moz update? Too scared to even check how many broken links are lingering on your blog, let alone deal with them? Just email me your blog link and I'll check, and fix, those pesky broken links!

Tweet Scheduling - £5 per day, £15 per week, £35 per month £2.50 per day, £7.50 per week, £17.50 per month LIMITED TIME OFFER

Who has time to schedule loads of promo tweets, right?! But we all know, scheduled tweets are a must! I can schedule up to 14 tweets per day for you, in your own style, and I can do this for as long as you need; a day, a week, a month! All I need from you is the link/s and images you want shared, how many tweets you'd like per day, and your Twitter login details.

Proofreading - £5 per article £2.50 LIMITED TIME OFFER

We all want our posts to read perfect, don't we? But who really has the time to read and re-read that post; checking for every spelling mistake and grammar error?! Let me ease the burden, by proofreading your blog post! I'll highlight and correct any spelling or grammar mistakes and send you back a perfect, proofed post! 

Other Blogger Services - £10/hr £5/hr LIMITED TIME OFFER

Other services I can provide to help the busy blogger include, but are not limited to;

- Broken images checking (I'll work my way through all of your blog posts, from today back to your very first post, and compile a list of any posts that contain broken images for you).

To discuss how I can help you further, email me at


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