Friday, 22 May 2020

Haul Post!

Happy Friday, guys. I'm currently at just 102 photos in my Haul Post photos folder, so we're working through them pretty steadily. And we're finally on to hauls from this year. Huzzah! So here's a brand new haul post for you, a little look at what I've been buying recently (this year).

I purchased this diary from one of my all-time favourite stationery stores, Paperchase. But in the end, I gave it away in a flash giveaway on my blog. As per usual, I bought more diaries for 2020 than I could ever hope to use. So I had to get rid of some of them. Hopefully the recipient of this planner was very happy with it and made good use of it, though!

Oh yes, more magazines. You'll be pleased to know, maybe, that I've cut down the amount of magazines I'm buying a month. I now only buy three; Real Crime, Crime Monthly and Your Cat. So they'll feature less in haul posts going forwards. 

Now for the random haul. Did you know Card Factory have a 10 cards for £1 (possibly £2, I can't remember now) deal? I thought that was a really good deal, so stocked up on some for various birthdays coming up this year. 

In the January sales, I treated myself to two new clips from Pandora for my newest Pandora bracelet which isn't full yet. This keeps the charms I have on there confined to the middle section and stops them moving all over the place.

I've wanted the Flash Powermop since last year. So when I spotted it in Sainsbury's whilst shopping with my best friend, for £10 less than RRP, I knew I had to have one. My best friend bought one too. Getting excited over mops. Have I reached peak adulthood yet? I think so!

Love me some Hotel Chocolat chocolate. Bought these as they are my new favourite flavour, and everyone deserves a chocolatey treat, right?!

I can't even remember where I bought this Harry Potter Water Glass, but I love it. It's now on my fireplace, holding some fake flowers.

And another diary. My plan was to keep this Slim Diary in my handbag, to jot down appointments and events on the go, and transfer the contents to my Filofax when I returned home. Didn't even need a diary this year though, did I? What would I put: Stay at home, stay at home, stay at home?

Spotted this Reading Log on Amazon one day and snapped it up. I have a Busy B one that is currently filling up quickly, and so this one is ready to take over when the Busy B one is full. I also love the reading challenges included throughout, encouraging you to step outside your reading comfort zone. 

What have you been buying lately? 

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