Friday, 7 February 2020

January Reading Wrap-Up

This is going to be a fairly short post, but I wanted to share an update nevertheless. Especially as this is the first Reading Wrap-Up of the year. So, I haven't actually read a single book this year so far. Why? Let me tell you...

I have accumulated quite a backlog of magazines that are cluttering up my living room with their presence. So I decided to spend some time working my way through them before jumping back into books.


These are just a few of the magazines I've been reading lately; Your Cat, In the Moment, Real Crime Killer Casefiles. Others include; Planet Mindful, Happiful, Crime Monthly and Cosmopolitan.

I'm nowhere near finished with the backlog, but I'm hoping to get there soon. I've also put a ban on buying too many new ones. Instead of buying 7-8 new ones a month, I'm only buying my favourite three. Hopefully I can get on top of the stack before it topples over and squishes the cat!

Wish me luck!

What have you been reading recently? 

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