Friday, 27 September 2019

Blog Tour: The Quiet Ones by Theresa Talbot

For the book loving blog readers among you, this is a great week for you. We had the exciting extract from M.K. Hill's The Bad Place on Monday, and today I'm back with another exciting extract from Theresa Talbot's new book, The Quiet Ones. Enjoy!

"Oonagh had decided to take a taxi to the scene, knowing full well she wouldn’t be able to park anywhere within spitting distance of the house. It dropped her off at the end of the wide, tree-lined cul-de-sac, which was impressive even for Houston. Just three houses in the street, each one with a gravel drive that seemed to stretch on for miles, with enormous gardens offering the owners more privacy than most people could expect this close to the city.
Oonagh caught DS Jim McVeigh walking towards her, no sign of Alec; she guessed he was still inside the house.
‘Hey, this is a bit of a turn-up for the books.’ In light of recent discoveries, Nugent’s obituary had been hastily dropped from the running order. They were leading instead with his murder. Oonagh made to lift the police tape, but Jim stopped her before she could squeeze underneath. ‘Didn’t take you long.’
‘Where’s the big boss, then?’
Jim nodded back to the bank of cars in front of the house.
‘What’s going on?’ Oonagh was desperate for answers. ‘I thought it was suicide.’ She was craning her head past Jim, desperate for a better look, but knew it was useless. Even had she been standing at the garden gate the endless gravel drive meant she’d still be too far away to get a good nosey.
Darkness had descended like a blanket, but without the warmth or comfort. Jim leaned against the street light, hands stuffed into his pockets, legs crossed at the ankles. The irony of the neighbourhood watch sticker peeling on the metal lamppost behind his head wasn’t lost on either of them.
‘So, come on, Jim, what’s the score?’
The place was swarming with police, forensics and reporters. Turned out Nugent’s body was still in the house. Harry had not yet left the building.
‘Nothing yet, Oonagh. No leads.’
She liked Jim, almost thought of him as a pal, and God knew she had hellish few of them she could rely on right now. But tonight he was making her work for her money and wasn’t giving much away. News of Nugent’s death had come hot on the heels of his wife discovering the body earlier that evening; it had been all over Twitter that he’d killed himself, been found hanging in the hallway of his home. That part by all accounts had been true. Until Jim had called her there had been no suggestion that it had been anything other than that. Oonagh made a mental note to call back into the newsroom to see who, if anyone, had actually checked the suicide angle.
She spotted DI Alec Davies emerge from his car. Even from this distance he looked shattered. He faltered slightly, but seemed to change his mind when he saw her chatting to Jim, and made his way over. Oonagh had got the distinct impression he’d been avoiding her recently. She tried to look casual and gave him a wee wave. Camera bulbs flashed, and several mics were thrust in his general direction. He swatted them away, yelling at the journalists to contact the media relations department, adding that a full statement would be issued in due course. He didn’t look to be in the best of moods.
‘Haven’t seen you for a while.’ He looked even worse close up, as though he hadn’t slept properly in weeks. His eyes were heavy and the grey stubble stabbing its way through his five o’clock shadow did nothing to enhance his appearance. Now wasn’t the time to ask if he’d been avoiding her."

If you enjoyed this extract, you can purchase The Quiet Ones here.

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