Wednesday, 27 September 2017

12 Facts About Sylvia Ashby, author of "The Sinking Chef"|| Guest Post

Hello! My name is Sylvia Ashby and my latest book is called “The Sinking Chef”. It’s about a talented chef and the man who keeps trying to bring her down. It’s set in London, in beautiful Belsize Park and is part romantic comedy, part mystery.

Here are a few curious facts about myself and the book.

1.      I love British humour, cooking, and puzzles of all kinds. These are often the inspirations behind my books. There is always good food in my books. In the case of “The Sinking Chef” there are almost as many recipes as there are chapters. There is usually some kind of mystery that needs to be solved and I've been told my books are funny (not just by my mum!).
2.      I’m European, so I use grams in my cooking. I have to converts all recipes in ounces and cups for my US readers. It’s a challenge.
3.      On average, I walk 70 steps a day.
4.      Luckily for me, I don’t like biscuits and ice-cream.
5.      But I love dark chocolate and dark beer, easily found where I live.
6.      A writer’s life is absurdly secluded to a point where I lose essential social skills. In order to reconnect with society, I have to rehearse talking to people in front of a mirror.
7.      I live in Leuven – a small, Oxford-like town close to Brussels in Belgium. It’s the home of four universities, including the oldest Medical school in Europe. It’s also where the largest brewery in the world is based. Some of its global beer brands include Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois. Cheap beer and thousands of students make for an interesting weekend mix.
8.      As a ghost writer, I once wrote a book about a female spy. She was tipped to become a female version of James Bond and I loved her adventures. When I handed over the finished manuscript I felt like I was giving away my baby for adoption. I nearly cried and I still think of that book as a lost child of mine.
9.      I hear the voices of my characters in my head. They constantly surprise me with the stuff they do and say on the page. For example, Ashley’s mum (Ashley is the main character in “The Sinking Chef”) was supposed to appear a couple of times to provide background story. She turned out to have such a strong voice that half the book is about her and her second husband, Michael.
10.  I wrote my first novel at the age of 35.
11.  I’ve been writing two books a year ever since.
12.  I also write movie scripts, but I haven’t told anyone yet.

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