Sunday, 4 June 2017

June Goals

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With the arrival of June, we're finally at the halfway point of 2017. I swear, this year has both flown by and dragged on; anyone else know what I mean?! With the passing of another month, it's time to recap on how I did with last month's goals, and set myself some new ones for the month ahead. Let's go! 

1. Join the gym. I didn't join the gym...but I did get a Fitbit! And I've really upped my step count, and fitness levels, as a result. So, the gym can wait!

2. Go to the gym. Well, because I didn't join the gym I obviously didn't go to the gym. Next...

3. Start eating healthier. This might still be very much a work in progress, but towards the end of May, I finally began to take notice of what I put into my body, and upped my healthy eating game! I am still partial to the odd McDonald's though ;)

4. Go dress shopping. Does online dress shopping count? Hell yeah, it does! I've found the bridesmaids dress of my dreams, and I'm just waiting for my cousin to finish her A-Levels so I can order it and get the girls together for a fitting!

5. Buy my wedding shoes. Bought them...then returned them! Sadly, they were just too uncomfortable, so I'm now on the hunt again. I've got plenty of time though, so I'm not freaking out...yet!

Bonus: Hit 1000 IG followers. I did this fairly early on in May, despite feeling like it was never going to happen. Every time I got anywhere near 1000, I'd lose 10-20 overnight! So frustrating...anyway, I did it. I'm now over the 1000 threshold on IG and so happy!

All-in-all? Not a bad month! Here's what I'm hoping to achieve in June...

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1. Get back into a daily skincare routine. I thought I had this nailed a month, or so, ago. But a few nights of excuses and I completely fell out of my daily skincare routine. This month, I want to get back to it as my skin is suffering without it!

2. Hit 5,000 steps, every day! This is a big one. As I work in an office, I spend most of my time sitting down. Then I come home and blog. Not exactly brilliant. I want to make more of an effort to hit my daily step goal every. single. day. Even if it takes a 20 minutes walk after work!

3. Hit 2000 followers on Twitter. I'm not ashamed to say that I care about my follower numbers! They motivate me to work harder, and cheer me on when I have worked hard. This month, I'd love to hit 2K on Twitter (cheeky plug ;))

4. Read six books. That's a pretty tall order, but recently I have been breezing through books like nobodies business. So I'm hoping I can hit this quite easily!

5. Spend less money on petrol. I seem to be spending anywhere between £60 - £100 a month on petrol. Which is ridiculous as my commute is only 2 miles, once a week. Where am I going the rest of the time to warrant that sort of spend?! I intend to plan car journeys better, not go out just for the sake of it, and so spend less damn money on petrol!

Wish me luck!

What are your goals for June?

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  1. Petrol always feel like such a waste of money~ although I suppose it really shouldn't! Shame about your wedding shoes, but at least this time you'll get some you really love xxx

    1. It shouldn't really, but I think it's because you don't really see it? So it feels like a waste. Haha. I've found some now, since this post, that I love! xx

  2. You did so well last month! I'm sure you'll do fab again this month, some really good goals. The steps one always intrigues me with people. I dunno why I find it so interesting but would love to know how many I do too, because all I do is walk with living so close to town and work.
    That petrol though! Oosh! I'll keep my fingers crossed you can know that down then you'll have extra money for anything special that may be coming up ;) haha

    Danielle xo

    1. I work in an office job 9-5, then come home and blog, so I don't get many steps in which is why I'm trying to improve it. I know my sedentary lifestyle isn't healthy! It's just so hard to get the steps in stuck behind a desk all day. Haha. I can't think what you mean by something special coming up ;) xx