Monday, 16 May 2016

Stationery Haulin'* || With #PaperHaul

Okay, so I really, really hate my voice in videos. And I feel like I always come across as way more posh than I actually am. So if you'd like to reassure me, or confirm my worst fears, leave me a comment! And maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel? I actually have a few more vlogs planned/recorded!

I know some people prefer to read a blog post than watch a vlog, so here's a very short post to go with the above video. Enjoy!
What is #PaperHaul*?

PaperHaul is a subscription box service for all the stationery addicts out there (I know there's a lot of you!) Each month, you'll be delivered a box full of exclusive, co-ordinated paper goods, featuring a different illustrator each time. 

What's in my #PaperHaul? 

You'll get a much better feel for what was included in my PaperHaul subscription box in the vlog above. But if you insist on reading, and not watching, here's a few snaps of the contents of my box!

- 1x Greeting Card

- 2x Postcards

- 1x Notebook

- 3x Note Cards with envelopes

- 3x Gift Tags

- 1x Washi Tape

I was so pleased to receive the PaperHaul box featuring Dorkface, a.k.a. Jemma. Jemma designed my blog button, and header, and she's just freakin' awesomely talented! 

What did I think of #PaperHaul?

In short, I loved it! It really is the perfect box for stationery lovers, and so reasonably priced. It's only £10 a month! That's right. Just £10 a month for all the goodies featured above. What's not to love?! 

Other Details

You can find Crafty Creatives (the 'parents' of PaperHaul) on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

I really hope you enjoyed the vlog. If you watched it, please do let me know what you thought of it! I'm always so nervous sharing these videos.

*With thanks to Crafty Creatives for sending me this box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own – please view my disclaimer for further information.

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