Sunday, 1 May 2016

Follow Your Dreams* || With Teardrop Designs

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely little package from Beckie at Teardrop Designs. Wrapped in the prettiest gold tissue paper, with a little note on the business card, was this little beauty; a 'Follow your dreams' wish string*.

And I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I didn't share this cute piece of jewellery with you now, would I?

Teardrop Designs create beautiful, handmade wish strings (bracelets) and necklaces. Each piece is made with love and care. And if you needed any proof of that, just look at the cute little sticker on the packaging!

I love dainty jewellery. Where my mum is a fan of big and chunky, I prefer the smaller pieces. So the wish strings from Teardrop Designs are perfect. Small enough to wear them daily, and super pretty. Super cute!

I'm sure you'll all agree that the wish string looks amazing on my wrist? I chose the 'Follow your dreams" wish string because I love the sentiment behind it. I believe it is so important to follow your dreams; one life, live it. Right? But what's so great about the wish strings is, there are many different wish strings to choose from. You can pick one with a meaning that is personal to you; that means something to you. And when you wear it on your wrist, you'll be reminded of the meaning and it will, hopefully, inspire you. My wish string inspires me to go after my dreams, every day!

Some of the other wish strings you can buy from Teardrop Designs webstore are; 'Tough times don't last, tough people do,' 'She believed she could, so she did' and 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' Some really great meanings there, right?

If you're looking for something extra special, you can have a piece made to order. There are also wedding strings, new baby strings and more on their webstore. You'll be spoilt for choice!

I highly recommend popping on over to their website and having a click around. Their prices are very reasonable. This 'Follow your dreams' wish string costs just £2, and postage in the UK is under £1!

You can also keep up with Teardrop Designs on Twitter!

The lovely people over at Teardrop Designs are offering my readers 20% off when you buy from their webstore. Just use the code TEARDROP at the checkout!

* I was sent this product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I will never blog about something I hate. Read more in my disclaimer here. 

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  1. Oh this is adorable! I love how dainty and small it is, and I do love supporting smaller businesses! Thank you for introducing me to them - these would make perfect little birthday gifts!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. They would, wouldn't they? You can get 20% off online, too, if you use the code TEARDROP! :) xx

  2. That bracelet is so adorable, love it! I don't really wear jewellery but would likely change my mind for something this cute :) x

    1. It doesn't even feel like wearing jewellery, because it's so dainty and barely there. If that makes sense? Haha! xx

  3. errrrm, how cute is this!? The packaging is adorable and I love how dainty the charm is!


    1. I know, right?! You can get 20% off online, too, when you use code TEARDROP at the checkout! xx

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Kristin from

  5. How cute! I do like smaller pieces of jewelry, because I don't often wear much. I really like the Catch a Star and Make a Wish bracelet.


    1. If you want to buy your own, use the code TEARDROP at the checkout to get 20% off! That's a deal too good to resist ;) xx

  6. We are offering Aimeeraindropwrites readers 20% off when buying online with us. Enter the code TEARDROP at the checkout