Sunday, 17 April 2016

Be like the cool kids...*

Did you know one of my blogging goals for 2016 was to start a monthly(ish) newsletter? And did you know that, a few months ago, I added the option to subscribe to my newsletter at the end of my blog posts, and on my main page? And did you also know that 10 people have signed up for my newsletter already? You didn't?! Well, I'm not totally surprised to be honest. Because despite being fairly vocal on Twitter about my desire to start a monthly newsletter, and adding the subscribe options onto my blog, I haven't really done anything else about it. I mean...I haven't even sent out my very first newsletter yet. Gasp!

So I'm making one of my goals for May (forward planning, yay!); send out my very first newsletter! And before I do that, I thought I'd give subscribers and non-subscribers alike a chance to find out exactly what my newsletters all about, how often I'll be popping up in your inbox, and hopefully helping you decide whether you want to hit that subscribe button at the bottom of my blog post (yes, this blog post!)

What's going to be in your newsletter? 

- An update on upcoming collaborations on my blog

- Newsletter exclusive blog posts

- Tips and tricks I've learnt in my year of blogging

- Discount codes

- Popular posts

- A little feature on my favourite blogger or blog post each month

- Reminders about currently running competitions, opportunities, etc

- A little look behind the scenes of Aimee Raindrop Writes

- Subscriber only giveaways, and competitions!

That's a lot of exciting stuff, am I right? I'm super excited to start working on an awesome subscriber only giveaway to celebrate the launch of my newsletter! But you've got to be subscribed to get involved!

How often will I receive your newsletter? 

I don't want to spam your inbox like Dorothy Perkins. (Sorry, DP. I love you, but getting an email from you at 8am every morning is doing my head in. I really need to hit 'unsubscribe.') So I'll be sending out my newsletter once every month, at most. No spam here! 

Should I subscribe to your newsletter? 

Why don't you hit subscribe and find out? I promise that if you really hate my monthly newsletter popping up in your inbox you can hit 'unsubscribe' and you won't receive anymore emails from me. Can't find unsubscribe? Just send me an email, or tweet me, with your email address and I'll remove you from the list. Easy, right?!

So that's my little pitch done. A massive thank you to the 10 people who've already subscribed to my newsletter, and are patiently waiting for the first one to drop into their inboxes. It will be with you real soon - a few weeks in fact! And I hope to see a few more of you signing up in the coming weeks, ready for the launch of my blogging newsletter! Want to subscribe? There's an option at the end of this blog post, and on my main page!

*Just so you know, you will be one of the cool kids if you subscribe to my newsletter!

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