Thursday, 24 March 2016

Let's talk about sex, baby* || With Smile Makers

Masturbation. Self-loving. Playing with yourself. Whatever you call it, chances are you do it.

When I was approached by Smile Makers to write this post, I was really hesitant. All I could think about was how ashamed I would feel if someone I knew IRL (that's 'in real life,' dontcha know) were to read this post. But why? Why would I be "ohmygod, I want the ground to open up and swallow me whole right now" embarrassed if that happened? Why is that the worst thing that could happen? Why do I care so much if someone I know finds out I masturbate?!

*sharp intake of breath*

There I said it. I masturbate. And I don't really care who knows. 'Cos I'm a grown-up now, and it's okay if I wanna do that. It's also okay if I wanna have sex/get drunk/eat cake for breakfast. And I do all those things, too, for the record. Are you sat there feeling really embarrassed for me, right now? Or are you thinking, "damn, I wish I had her courage?" Because it took a lotta courage for me to post something like this. But it shouldn't have done.

Emma Watson (yes, THE Emma Watson of 'Harry Potter' fame) recently admitted that she subscribes to a website that teaches improved masturbation techniques, before urging others to join in the fun. Not like I need a website like that (LOL!) but I did some digging and the website is called 'OMGyes' and costs £40 to join. And Emma Watson thinks the price tag is well worth it, FYI. If someone as famous as Emma freakin' Watson can be so vocal about a lil self-loving, why can't I? Emma (I figured we gotta be on a first name basis now, right?!) ended up in the news with her admission. How far will I make it? I'd be dreaming if I said the news, too. 

So what is the point of this long, rambling post? Well, the more I talk, the less likely you are to remember I admitted to masturbating, right? Right?! Oh, but wait. Smile Makers. That's what I'm here to talk about. Because I am not ashamed that sometimes I get myself off. And sometimes, these little fellas from the lovely people at Smile Makers help me.

That's right...I use sex toys! *collective gasp*

Smile Makers are an award-winning range of stylish vibrators. These are entry-level vibrators, aimed at the 'vi-curious' market. Although with positive feedback from newbies and regular vibrator users alike, it seems like this is really a catch-all product. Sold exclusively at Superdrug (that's right, pop one in your basket when you're picking up some deodorant next time!) for only £29.99, there are four to choose from; The Frenchman and The Fireman are both external vibrators, whilst The Millionaire and The Tennis Coach are internal. 

And so I could write a really good post about Smile Makers I took one for the team and tested two of these babies out! Aren't I good to you?! *wink wink, nudge nudge* 

How do you even review a sex toy? I don't really know, so I'll just say some things. Both The Frenchman and The Millionaire, the two vibrators I chose, are waterproof (yay, bathtime fun!) and last up to four hours on one AAA battery (yay, hours of fun!) They're powerful, with four speeds and one pulsation mode, but super discreet; these vibrators aren't likely to clue your neighbours in on your bedroom activities! Made of silicone, for a super smooth experience, the collection are all 100% phthalates free (yay, safe for your body!)

Them's the details, what about the experience? The Millionaire is your typical bullet vibrator, really; a nice size, with a slightly expanded middle to make it a toy worth penetrating yourself with! The Frenchman provides strong vibrations across your clit with its wide tip and, although not as focused in its vibrations, provides an intense experience orgasm. What else is there to say, really? Powerful, intense, quiet and long-lasting. What's not to love about this range of vibrators? I've already got my eye on The Tennis Coach, in fact!

Smile Makers have created something awesome with their new range of vibrators. Easy to use and easy to buy; all you have to do is pop one in your basket next time you're refilling your make-up supplies in Superdrug! What could be easier? 

What do you think of Smile Makers? Would you try one? Have you tried one? Let me know in the comments below. I'm completely breaking the mould, and stepping way outside my comfort zone, with this post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

*Products sent to me in exchange for a review post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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