Sunday, 28 February 2016

Life: February Update

How is February (almost) over already?! I swear, each month it's a case of 'blink and you'll miss it!' Anyone else feel a little like that? Please say it's not just me! With another month drawing to an end, it's time to let you all in on what I got up to in February! Are you sitting comfortably? Good, let's begin!


- Celebrating Valentine's Day with this beautiful bouquet!

- Experimenting with a new Lush bath bomb! (See what I did there? Because the bath bomb is The Experimenter! Hah - I'm hilarious...)


-  Far too many bags of these...


- Earlier this week, I picked up a few treats from the Mother's Day and Easter ranges at Lush! 


film, girl, movie

- I recently renewed my subscription to Netflix, and the first show I binge-watched? American Horror Story: Freak Show! 


- The sunnier days, and the lighter nights and mornings! Little Harley is welcoming the sun! 

- The Illumicrate subscription box! My first one arrived this month; and I'm now super looking forward to my second one in May! I'll be sharing my review (plus unboxing video!) with you all in a few weeks.


- I can't stop wearing these pajamas! 

So that's my month, how was yours? What did you get up to? And what are you looking forward to in March? 

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