Monday, 11 January 2016

January Goals//2016 Personal & Blogging Goals!

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Happy new year! Is it too late to say that now? It's only the second full week of January, but already it feels like we're firmly established in 2016. So, it's about time I laid down my 2016 personal and blogging goals. Like many of my friends, I decided that this year I'd say goodbye to 'new years resolutions.' Instead, I'm setting myself a few, hopefully achievable, goals for the year. And I'll be updating you all on my progress throughout the year! 


1. Read 60 books this year. Which means, read more! 60 books a year is 5 books a month. Totally doable! 

2. Lose 1 stone by June. I'm attending a friend's wedding in June, and I'd really like to feel more comfortable in a dress...which means losing weight! 

3. Save £1000. I was notoriously bad at saving money in 2015. In 2016, I want to reach £1000 in savings before I consider anymore big purchases (read: Olympus Pen camera!)

And that's it for personal goals. If I set too many, I know they'll all fall by the wayside, and come June I 'll have lost no weight and read no books! (Okay, the latter is very unlikely, but you get my point.)


1. Reach 1000 Twitter followers by 2017. I might be aiming too high with this one; I currently have around 450...we'll see! 

2. Reach 100 likes on Facebook. I'm at 59/60 now so this doesn't seem like such a reach, although my Facebook page is more neglected than my Twitter. Which leads me onto...

3. Interact on my Facebook Page more. Currently, I tend to only use it to shout about new blog posts, giveaways etc. But in 2016 I want to use it more like I use Twitter. If I can keep up with all of these social media accounts, that is! 

4. Reach 300 followers on Instagram. Not such a reach, I'm on 199/200 now! And this leads me onto...

5. Post twice a day on Instagram. Two pictures a day, minimum, from now on, on my  Instagram account. Too often, I'll leave it neglected for days, before spamming with 10 photos in one day to make up for it! 2016 sees a stop to that! 

6. Reach 200 followers on Bloglovin'. I'm on 64 followers now, so this goal might be pushing it a little. But I'm going to be using Corinne's wonderful advice on gaining BL followers, so hopefully I can do it! 

7. Reach 30,000 views on my blog. I'm currently at nearly 18,000. I think I can do it! 

8. Start using Pinterest to promote my blog. I've had an account for a year or more, I've just never really understood the point of it. I still don't, totally. But I've heard other bloggers say they use it to promote their blog, so this year I'm going to figure out how, and do it! 

9. Work with at least one brand/company a month. This goal is coming along nicely already, I have a few companies/brands lined up for review posts in the coming months! 

10. Attend one blogging event AND meet my best blogging buddy, Sarah! Even if I don't get to attend a blogging event (and, tbh, that's going to depend on my confidence and anxiety at the time one locally comes up!) I'll be happy if I can meet the best friend I've made through blogging; Sarah

I'd also like to: send my first newsletter, & reach 50 newsletter subscribers!

Most of my blogging goals are about numbers, and increasing them! But I'm okay with that, because numbers do matter to me. And because numbers give me something to work towards, and motivate me when they aren't as high as I would like them to be! 

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And now for my usual, five monthly goals. This month I want to...

1. Cut down on the chocolate. I went a bit chocolate mad over Christmas, didn't we all? But in line with my goal to lose 1 stone by June, it's time to cut back on the chocolate. I've bought in plenty of fruit, so I'm not short on snacks, either! 

2. Watch less TV. Whilst I could never do what Sarah is doing for the month of January (giving up TV and Youtube, is she mad?!) I can cut back on the hours I spend staring at a screen! 

3. Colour more. I really love colouring, and I have at least four colouring books to get through (I've only just started the first book!) I can colour when I'm watching television, waiting for my bath to fill, etc! 

4. Give something back. It might not be much; a couple of hours volunteering at a charity shop, or donating a little bit of money to charity. But I want to give something back. 

5. Start swimming again. In line with my goal to lose 1 stone by June, I'd like to start swimming once a week again. There's no excuse, as there's a pool not far from me, and my OH has said he'll come with me so I won't have to go alone! 

So, do you have any new year's resolutions? Or goals? What are they? Let me know in the comments! Or link me to your blog posts! 

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  1. I love your goals. Most of mine are about increasing my numbers too - I want more Twitter, BlogLovin' and Instagram subscribers but I know I have to work for them! I have a Pinterest which I just use to promote new posts but I don't really see the point of it either. I also want to leave more comments on other people's blogs when I enjoyed their post so here's one for you :) Anyway good luck with all your goals this month and year!

    1. Thank you Nicola! I don't see what is so wrong with wanting to increase our numbers. After all, what's the point in putting all the effort we do into our blogs if no one is going to read it?! I don't get Pinterest either, but if I figure it out I'll let you know. Good luck with your goals too :) xo

  2. Hey Aimee
    I enjoyed reading through your goals, I share quite a few of them! Especially those concerning Facebook: I have recently (finally) invited all of my friends to like the page and now the number of likes is growing, which of course serves as social proof for others to follow. However, what I really struggle with on Facebook is interaction. I do get a few comments and likes every now and then, but I don't know how to enhance this...
    Good luck with your goals,
    xx Carina

    1. I wish I could help you Carina! Unfortunately most of what I've read and learned so far seems to indicate that Facebook is not a great platform for promoting your blog. I don't tend to get very much interaction there at all. And every time my numbers increase, they seem to drop again very shortly after! Never mind, I'll keep plugging away it! Good luck with yours :) xo