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An interview with...Nic Spirational!

In this second interview in a series featuring interviews with awesome bloggers, I'm interviewing the inspiring Nicola of Nic Spirational! Nicola is a nutritionist, fitness fanatic and lifestyle blogger. On her blog, you'll find a mixture of health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing posts! I love her reviews, of books and products, and she provides some very useful health and fitness resources! Now, here's Nicola to tell you more in her own words...

1. Hi Nicola! First of all, tell me a little bit about yourself and your blog?
Hi Aimee! Hi readers! I'm Nicola, or Nic if you prefer. I'm originally from Essex but currently living in London with my husband. Oh, and I write a blog about health and fitness which you should all go and read (gotta squeeze a bit of self-promotion in there!)

2. And what inspired you to start Nic Spirational?
I used to blog during my twenties and loved it. I wrote a blog for almost two years – it was just a random, fun blog about my life and funny things that happened to me and it was actually quite successful. I'm not sure whether I just got bored with it or whatever, but I started posting less often and eventually stopped. I hadn't blogged for five years when I started Nic Spirational and was itching to get back into it, but this time I wanted my blog to have a proper theme. As nutrition and fitness are my passions, I thought it was only fitting to write about them and share my knowledge with a wider audience.

3. What are your favourite types of posts to read?
On other people's blogs, I still enjoy funny stories and anecdotes. I like posts which are well written and quite long without dragging, if you know what I mean. If a post is interesting, I hate it to stop after a few paragraphs when I'm just getting into it. And I love informational posts, ones that teach me something and/or give me something to think about. I also enjoy reading about people's fitness journeys, and travel posts are always fun.

4. How has blogging changed your life?
I wouldn't say it has actually changed my life, but I spend a lot more time in front of my laptop than I used to – and when I'm not in front of a screen, I'm constantly thinking of ideas for posts and things I have to do to improve the blog. It's kind of become my way of life.

5. What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?
I've loved being able to connect with other bloggers and people from all around the world. I've hosted a couple of Twitter chats which were amazing, although the first time I nearly bailed because it was a big, well-known chat and I was really nervous! I've also been fortunate enough to be sent some amazing products, some of which I would never have heard of if companies hadn't asked me to review them on my blog.

6. If you could give one piece of advice to new bloggers, what would it be?
Blog for the love of blogging – not with the sole intention of making money or getting companies to send you 'freebies', because you'll come across as insincere (and you're bound to be disappointed and give up). Write about something you're passionate about, whether that's fitness, beauty or train spotting. Your enthusiasm will shine through in your posts and make them exciting to read for people who share your interests. And don't expect a large readership immediately – these things take time and commitment.

7. So, what do you hope for the future of Nic Spirational?
I would love it to become bigger (who doesn't want more people reading their blog?) and continue to help people with their health and fitness journeys. I love it when someone tells me my blog has helped them in some way, even if that's just by motivating them to eat better or work out more. It would be amazing to be a full-time blogger and get paid for it, but realistically I don't think that's going to happen!

8. And what are your own personal life goals?
At the age of 32 I feel like I've achieved most of my goals in life. I think in general your twenties are for figuring out what you want in life and working towards your goals, and your thirties are more about settling down. Obviously that doesn't mean stop being ambitious, but you can definitely relax a bit more. My personal life goals for my thirties include continuing to improve my fitness levels and hopefully start a family in the next few years.

9. Besides blogging, what are you passionate about?
Obviously I'm passionate about nutrition and fitness, which is why I blog about them! My two passions in life are writing and helping people to be healthy, so blogging is the perfect way to combine them!

10. Finally, tell me three random things about you?!
This is a fun question! Ok, let me think...
1. I love languages and I can speak French, conversational Spanish, a tiny bit of Italian and I'm currently learning Arabic which is the hardest because it uses completely different letters!
2. I hardly ever watch TV and prefer to spend my free time blogging, reading or chatting on Twitter.
3. Although I live in the city (which is great) I love the peace and quiet of the countryside and would love to retire there one day.

Before I go, I'd just like to thank Aimee for taking the time to interview little ol' me for her blog – it's been a blast!

Nicola, it's been a pleasure interviewing you. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog posts in the future!

Next month, I'll be interviewing the lovely Jemma, of Dorkface. Before then, I'll be here on Sunday with my latest book review.  

Have the best bank holiday weekend guys!<3

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  1. Thanks for interviewing me, it was a pleasure!
    Nicola x


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