Wednesday, 22 May 2019

April Reading Wrap-Up//May TBR

Every single time I think I'm getting over my Reading OCD and rediscovering my passion for reading, I hit a stumbling block and end up right back at square one. But I have a plan. A cunning plan. I'm going to retrain my brain when it comes to reading, go back to basics as it were. I'll explain more about that in a minute, but first here's a look back at the few books I did manage to read in April.
Monday, 20 May 2019

May Goals

Oof. It's my new favourite word. If it is even a word. I say it when something hasn't gone to plan, when I've walked into an inanimate object, or when life has thrown me a curveball. Which is far, far too often.

Oof, so. April happened. I wish I could say I smashed my goals for April. Especially as I've gone from five goals a month to three. It really shouldn't be that difficult, should it? And yet, it seems to be. That being said, I did achieve something in April. Read on to find out what...
Sunday, 19 May 2019

Life Lately: April Edition

So, April happened. That month seemed to fly by, but they do say time flies when you're having fun. And I had a lot of fun in April. Here's what I got up to...