Family Made Simple* || With Slater & Gordon

*This is a collaborative post*

It's the 21st century, and the traditional, nuclear family is dead. If it ever existed in the first place, that is. The stereotypical couple and dependant children have been replaced by single parents, step-parents, and half-siblings; in a much more complex family set-up than before. And if proof were needed of the changing makeup of the modern family, 15% of people surveyed by Slater & Gordon have at least one step-sibling! Times, they are a-changing. But whether your family is large or small, traditional or totally modern, there's one thing we can all agree on; Christmas is all about family. 

Four Eyes* || With Perfect Glasses

If you've seen any of my photos on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, or even on my About Me page right here on the blog, you'll know I wear glasses. I remember the moment I was told I would need glasses; I had been dragged into the optician's by my grandmother after I told her I couldn't see to cross the road, I just guessed! I think I was around nine or ten years old, and I was told I was short-sighted. I would need glasses to see the television, the whiteboard, and to cross the road!! It soon became apparent, though, that only wearing my glasses for long distance viewing wasn't going to work. Every day I would set off to school, ready for a day of learning. And where would my glasses be? At home... Eventually, I started wearing glasses all day, for any activity, and put them on as soon as I woke up. Thus eliminating the problem of forgetfulness!

Books I Read In November//What I'm Reading In December

So, this month is the final push for me; the last chance to complete my 2016 reading challenge! I've been doing the GoodReads Reading Challenge since 2011, and I've only failed once. I really don't intend to make it twice! At the start of 2016, I challenged myself to read 60 books, but I had to amend my goal half-way through the year because it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to make it to 60. So my revised challenge? 50 books in a year. And I'm almost there. So far, I've read 44 out of 50 books. So this month, I need to get through six books. Sounds doable, right? I sure hope so! I've picked out some really great books to see me through December, but before I share my TBR's with you, here's a look at what I read in November! 

December Goals!

Another month over already?! 2016 seems to have just flown by; and I can't believe I'm starting to think about my 2017 goals! 2016 has been very good to me (I got engaged, passed my driving test, and got my first car!)and I'll be sad to say goodbye to this year. But 2017 has even more exciting things in store for me (like our wedding!) so I'm definitely looking forward to the new year. So, since this is the last month of the year, and 2016 has been so good to me, I want to end this year on a high. I'm planning on completing all of my December goals by January; and starting the year off on a good footing! But before diving into my December goals, I'll let you all in on how I did with my November goals. Spoiler alert: not well, not well at all! 

Meet My December Advertisers!

Another month, another lovely bunch of advertisers in my sidebar. Some are returning faces, and some are new to you (and me!) So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to three of my fabulous December advertisers! 

GirlGone Dreamer is a lifestyle and book blog run by the lovely Justine, who I'm lucky enough to call a good friend of mine! On her blog, you'll find a number of different posts on topics including (but definitely not limited to); makeup, fashion, beauty, books, and even mental health. Above all, Justine wants GirlGone Dreamer to be a fun place; a place of escape. And it shows. I always enjoy reading her new posts, which are so varied and well written. I know you will, too!

November Favourites!

It's the last day of November, you guys. How has this happened?! I mean, Christmas will be over in four weeks, and we'll be planning for 2017. It's true what the grown-ups told me when I was just a child; time really does go faster when you're an adult! There's lots to look forward to, though; in December, and in 2017. But before I welcome in a new month, I'm going to take a moment to reflect back on some of my favourite things from November. And if you want to see what I got up to last month, take a look at this blog post

I've had The Happiness Planner in my drawer for a few months now. I would start filling it out, but then put it to one side and forget all about it again for a few weeks. This month, I finally dusted this beauty off and started putting it to good use. This is one of my favourite pieces of stationery this month (although I'm also loving my Busy B Busy Life Diary, and my Paperchase Organiser, too!) 

Life: November Update!

I can't believe that in just four weeks time it will be Boxing Day, and Christmas will be nearly over. Along with 2016. How on earth has this happened? I know I say this every month, but time really is just flying by. And Christmas has snuck up on me this year. I mean; I've only bought one present so far. I'm so disorganised! But, for a few more days at least, I'm firmly in November, and today I'm sharing with you what I've been up to this month! 

Taking lots of Lush baths. When it's cold and wet outside, a Lush bath is the perfect end to a long day!