Meet the Advertiser...The Twenty Third!

Jess is the blogger behind The Twenty Third - a positivity, lifestyle and culture blog! She's another blogger who, like Alex of Angel wings and petticoats, has been advertising with me since late 2015, and I've loved being able to showcase this wonderful blogger on my blog!

Over on The Twenty Third, you'll find a whole range of content from planner posts (because, like me, she's a total planner nerd!) to book reviews (also, a book worm!) From mental health posts to feminist discussions. This blog really does have it all.

Gemporia Wishlist*

Photo with permission from Gemporia
I don't know about you guys, but I love jewellery. Pretty rings, dainty pendants, chunky bracelets. I love it all. So much so, in fact, that my current jewellery box is bursting at the seams! But that doesn't stop me wanting more...

If you haven't heard of Gemporia, where have you been?! One of the largest independent online jewellery retails; Gemporia use genuine gemstones and precious metals to create the very best in stylish and affordable jewellery.

Meet the advertiser...Angel wings and petticoats

I cannot believe that Alex, of Angel wings and petticoats, has been blogging for six months! She's been advertising with me for almost as long and believe me when I say; it has been a pleasure to see her blog go from strength to strength.

Angel wings and petticoats recently had a relaunch. With a new schedule, and new categories, her blog is looking better than ever. As a massive bookworm, I love all her book related posts. Her latest book review, of The Vinyl Detective, I really enjoyed reading.

Spring Playlist!

Do you know those times when you write a whole blog post, read it back, think "this is shit" and delete it all? Yeah, that just happened. About five times. Maybe more. I lost count. I think because today's blog post is so out of the ordinary for me, I've really struggled with writing the content for it! And I hate to publish something that feels stilted and unnatural. So I'm kind of just going to, I dunno, brain dump, maybe? Say what I want to say, and not really worry if it makes too much sense, I guess? So bear with me! 

Stationery Haulin'* || With #PaperHaul

Okay, so I really, really hate my voice in videos. And I feel like I always come across as way more posh than I actually am. So if you'd like to reassure me, or confirm my worst fears, leave me a comment! And maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel? I actually have a few more vlogs planned/recorded!

I know some people prefer to read a blog post than watch a vlog, so here's a very short post to go with the above video. Enjoy!

An interview with...Underland to Wonderland!

Well guess what it's time for? Those of you who said, another installment of 'An Interview With...' would be right! May sees me interviewing someone I consider to be a friend, as well as a bloody amazing blogger. Danielle, of Underland to Wonderland, has a blog that I always look forward to  reading - I genuinely get so excited when I see a new post from her in my Bloglovin' feed! Hopefully you'll enjoy learning a bit more about the lady behind the blog, and maybe you'll pop on over to her blog and give her a follow? *bats lashes* And now, I'm handing over to Danielle!

Books I Read In April//What I'm Reading in May!

Well hello there. I'm coming atcha with a revised schedule just for this week. I'm posting Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday; instead of my usual Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. Actually, I'm considering going back to my M, W, F, Su posting schedule. I'll poll it on Twitter - but let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Anyway, today's post is all about telling you how I BROKE MY READING SLUMP IN APRIL. Can I get a 'hell yeah?!' April was an awesome reading month. Well, it was. Until I read Sarah's Chapter's April Reading Wrap Up. She read 12 books in April. 12!! She puts my paltry 5 to shame. But I'm still proud, considering the last few months I've only been reading 2 or 3 books at best. Anyway, let's take a look at what I read in April!